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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Adding CISCO UCS to SAN Fabrics


We have 2 Redundant SANs with coreedge topology. 48K is the core with FOSV5.3.0b and Edge SWs 4900 (FOSV5.3.0b ) and 3800s(FOSV3.2.1C).

We are trying to connect CISCO UCS in NPIV enabled mode. Can we do it? What are the things we require for the same.whether we should connect it to edge SWs or core SWs.

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Re: Adding CISCO UCS to SAN Fabrics

As long as the ports you want to attach the UCS are set for NPIV you should be just fine.

We have tested with two UCS's attaching to edge switches (Brocade 4900) that are ISL'ed to two Brocade 24000.

Did not have any issues on the connectivity nor allocating storage.

Tony Rivera

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