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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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200E Licensing Question

Hi Everyone,


I bought a 200e secondhand for my home. I am trying to learn and explore fibre channel. I would like to know if I can purchase a license file to activate the other 8 ports on the 200E I've purchased. I appreciate your time and any direction you can give me. 



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Re: 200E Licensing Question

Brocade 200 is EOL and End of Sales, and License cannot longer be order.

if you want to use the switch just for made some basic* experience with FC, there is no matter if you have 8 or 16 or more port for simple creation of config. Additional would not make sense to purchase such a license for a old switch, the cost vary 1200 -1500 USD.


Basic why, the Brocade 200 is supported only till FOS 6.2.2.


Additional, if you want to learning other features i.e. Fabric Watch - in Gen5 Plattforms FW is called Fabric Vision - you need other license.


In conclusion,I suggest to play with this 200 and later to a used Brocade 5100 - the same is EOL - but this is supported by FOS 7.4.x ( by FOS 8.0 is not longer supported )


if you need more info, let me know.


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