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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Registered: ‎06-10-2011

Virtual ADX Eval: Help wanted for ESXi install

I'm following the Install Guide steps.

1) created the 3 different PGs in 3 different vswitches

2) Opened the OVF Template and followed the instructions

3) When I power the VM on, there are some fails and it sends me to the CentOS login instead of the vADX application login.


Is there anyone to help me out with this?



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Re: Virtual ADX Eval: Help wanted for ESXi install

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Hi Gustavo,

       The Virtual ADX initialization sequence is different than the hardware ADX device. The Virtual ADX is an application on a linux guest os. In order to access the Virtual ADX from the guest OS, go ahead and type "root" as the username at the prompt in the linux console, once access has being granted, type "vadx-console" without the quotes and you will see the Virtual ADX console.


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