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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Server Nat for ADX

I am trying to understand how the nat features work on an ADX as I am used to F5 and Cisco SLB. I need to maintain the client src ip but also NAT the real server reply to a public routeable ip. This is very standard thing and I am sure it can be done with the ADX...

However, I can not find in the ADX SLB manual how to accompish this. It appears that server reverse-nat only applies to traffic orginated by the real servers and not return traffic. Source nat is only relevant to performing translation on traffic going to the real servers. Can someone please point me to the solution for this requirement as I cant find anything in the SLB guide...



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Re: Server Nat for ADX

The answer to this was that the ADX wil nat outbound (return traffic)  requests by defalut to the VIP itself. I have been working with F5 for some time now and that is not the same behaviour and hence I assumed that it required confguration on the ADX. I have confirmed this with a Brocade ADX SE.

For server orginated requests , that require Internt access , I need to configure reverse-nat.

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