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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Reverse NAT - 12.4.00b

The latest firmware 12.4.00 does not seem to support Reverse Nat - anyone have a clue why this is the case, and if there is a work around?

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Re: Reverse NAT - 12.4.00b

reverse-nat configuration has potential security risk and it is advised to use dynamic-nat feature instead. Then, you don’t need to use “port default” configuration. The security risk is, all of the client traffic destined for the vip will go to real servers although you don’t want to do that. Typically, reverse-nat is used when you want traffic from real servers  to go through ServerIron with its source IP address replaced by VIP. With dynamic-nat, you don’t need to bind port default, and vip will only accept ports defined under vip configuration.

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Re: Reverse NAT - 12.4.00b

One more thing, reverse-nat become obsolete starting from 12.3.00 release.



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