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Application Delivery (ADX)

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I have a ADX 1000 and getting BP-1 Down error...

Lost connectivity to the unit, access via the console looks like device is in boot cycle.
Also see error

DC Power Supply 1 is Installed (OK)
DC Power Supply 2 is Installed (OK)
INFO: fan tray 0 is detected.
INFO: Initialization done.
BP 1 not accessible
mark pcie access to ASM-1 BP-1 down
copy_crash_dump: ASM-1, BP-1: can not copy crash dump...
Start-up process status: 1, system will restart in 10 seconds
Enter 'p' to pause here, 'c' to access CLI, 'r' to restart immediately
WARNING: Entering command mode after Start-up process detected error.





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