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Application Delivery (ADX)

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How do I upgrade the BP software running an ADX?

I can not find the BP image - I do remember a software image for the management processor (MP) and the traffic processors (BPs)... any changes in that area?

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Re: How do I upgrade the BP software running an ADX?

This changed. There is a single image only using the ADX. Using software >= v12.00 you do have a single system image only. Release 12.0.00 comes in two different flavors:

routing or switch

The routing image is ASR12000.bin and the switching image is ASM12000.bin.

The ServerIron ADX series are upgraded using a SINGLE SOFTWARE IMAGE. This image is downloaded to the ServerIron ADX switch as either the primary or secondary image. The default booting image is the primary but it is possible to configure the ADX to boot from the secondary image.

There is a single runtime image only. Have a look at the release notes of every release to see if there is a new boot code coming with the release you would like to use. This is the only separate file.

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