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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Dynamic Link Aggregation behavior

I need to verify configuration and operation for an ADX 4000 dynamic trunk group.

Can you review this and let me know if this is normal behavior?

I have a functioning LACP lag between a ADX 4000 w/12.4.00d router code and a Nexus 5020 switch using 2x10Gbs ports.

When I disable one port in the lag, LACP link stays in Ope status for the remaining port but when the Dwn port is reenabled,

the LACP negotiation brings both ports to the Dwn state before they return to the Ope state.  This defeats the HA benefit of the trunk group.

Output from the debug lacp lag is below:

45575 <<< create_new_lag(port=2/3) -> current groups

create_new_lag(port=2/3): lag not found,  remove port 2/3 from LAGs

create_new_lag(port=2/3): new_lag: aport=2/3

create_new_lag(port=2/3): add companion port 2/4 to LAG(id=#34) & remove it from other LAG done

>>> create_new_lag(port=2/3): done, finally groups info --->>

collect_lag_members(port 2/3) find_lag success -> show_one_lag

collect_lag_members(port=2/3) -> link_aggregation_rules link_aggregation_rules

fails : num_ports = 1

45575 <<< create_new_lag(port=2/4) -> current groups

create_new_lag(port=2/4): same key as old group -> group info

create_new_lag(port=2/4): already there, no action

>>> create_new_lag(port=2/4): done, finally groups info --->>

collect_lag_members(port 2/4) find_lag success -> show_one_lag

collect_lag_members(port=2/4) -> link_aggregation_rules

link_aggregation_rules : num_ports = 2, active: 2

link_aggregation_rules : port_list_ptr = 34

link_aggregation_rules : port_list_ptr = 35

collect_lag_members : LACP is inactive, just unblock the port 2/3

collect_lag_members : LACP is inactive, just unblock the port 2/4

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Re: Dynamic Link Aggregation behavior

Hi Robert,

I encountered exactly the same LACP connectivity issue between ADX and Nexus 5k (as well as 7k).

Brocade filed DEFECT000425446 to fix this issue. If you need more, please work with Brocade TAC to see if that fix will be available on the release train you are using.



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