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Application Delivery (ADX)

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ADX 1000 SSL SLB problem

Hellow, i try to configure "one-arm" topology:

Serv1{} \

                                        -----------[L2 Swtitch]-----------[Brocade]

Serv1{} /                      |




ServX - is a web server with SSL.

My config:

ver   12.4.00gT403
server no-fast-bringup
no server l4-check
port range ssl

server port 443
context default
server remote-name S1
  port ssl
server remote-name S2
  port ssl
server virtual vServ
  port ssl sticky
  port ssl lb-pri-servers
  bind ssl S1 ssl S2 ssl
vlan 1 name DEFAULT-VLAN by port
aaa authentication web-server default local
aaa authentication login default local
boot sys f1 sec
no enable aaa console
hostname ADX_1000
ip route
telnet server
username admin password
router vrrp-extended
interface managment 1
  ip address
interface ethernet 2
  ip address

 When i try to connect from client ( curl ), i see in (#debug filter) only one incoming tcp connection (SYN package).

What is wrong?

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Re: ADX 1000 SSL SLB problem

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One issue you may have is that you do not have source nat enabled.  Review the link below for additional information.


"Source NAT configuration is useful where a ServerIron is connected in one-armed mode"




Also, another change you may need is technically the servers are real, not remote.  The command "lb-pri-servers" may be unneeded as well since you are not using a mix of real and remote servers or utilizing primary/backup server configuration.


Thank you,




***Disclaimer: The above information is only advice.  Please review and test any configurations you apply to your environment.***

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