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  • Faiz how many generations of failed Applications/jobs are there before you have one that completes successfully? Why would you only try and force the failed Applications complete once you get a good execution in later generations? The solution you are ...

  • Hi, As of now, you can only configure Primary and Standby. Three servers cannot be done. HTH, Nitin Pande ------------------------------ Support Broadcom Toronto ------------------------------

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  • We're excited to announce this year's lineup for our annual Automation Virtual Summit and extend an invitation for you to attend this popular event. This year, we're focused on how you can use automation to streamline and monitor business processes ...

  • Hi, Forecast reports are too slow and when I am not specifying any filter, it keeps on running and gets stuck eventually. I want to see all of Applications' future schedules for all the applications and for all the jobs within these applications. So, ...