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The 12 days of 8.0 – Day 1

By Anon Anon posted Dec 01, 2014 06:06 AM


The DevTest 8.0 release is almost here and leading up to it, we’ll be challenging our CA team in a fun, new way by asking them to get into the holiday spirit and sing their way through the 12 days of 8.0!


To kick us off, I’ll jump in with the first day of 8.0 (sung to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas)....


"On the first day of 8.0 the CA Team gave to me… a server-side recorder in a DevTest tree"


Our new virtual service recorder in the DevTest Portal changes the way you think about creating a virtual service from an existing, live application.  Some of the highlights of the new recorder include:


  • Simplified Recording in 3 steps:  Record, Configure and Save your virtual service through our new DevTest Portal
  • Team Environment; No Individual Install Required: Install one copy of CA Service Virtualization on your server and grant your users access to the DevTest Portal to create new virtual services with ease. No need to install or manage upgrades on individual machines, instead, use a centralized service with access control for each team to share resources and collaborate on results.  Controls on access, virtual service names and ports used help handle any conflicts of the team environment.
  • Color Coded Status: As you move from field to field in the recording interface, the screen adapts to your inputs, showing you where to go next, which inputs are valid and which inputs need to be checked again before starting the recording.
  • Automatic Entry of Fields:  All you need is a name and the live backend service to get started.  CA Service Virtualization will select a free port on your VSE environment to both record and then deploy the virtual service.  In addition, error checking along the way will warn you when certain fields are filled in making it very simple to get from recording to deploying your virtual service in minutes.
  • Simplified SSL Configuration:  Recording secure transactions over SSL has never been easier. With certificate uploading into the recording screen, certificate and passcode validation and a visual representation of where the certificates reside, configuring your secure connection is a breeze.
  • Record, Edit and Deploy all-in-one Screen:  Complete the full virtual service workflow in a single user interface.  Create your virtual service with the live recorder, edit in the integrated virtual service editor and deploy right away.
  • Clear View into Transactions:  As you capture transactions in the recording, you can view them in real-time to see if the requests and responses you need to capture are getting through.  If you finish the recording but find that something was not done, simply go back and continue recording where you left off.
  • Add to a Recording: Not only can YOU add to a virtual service recording by continuing to record where you left off, YOUR TEAM can as well.  You can take a point-in-time copy of your recording and save it as a virtual service while your team continues to record additional transactions.  The recording files are still available on the VSE for anyone on the team to use and add to and redeploy without needing to start from the beginning again.
  • Progressive saving:  No worries if you forget to save your entries.  The new server-side recorder progressively saves your information as you type into each field.  Progressive save will save you, especially when you leave a recording to step away for lunch.
  • Automatic Protocol Detection: As usual, our automatic protocol detection will tell you which protocol we noticed in your live transactions so that you can apply the DPH and/or add other data protocol handlers to the virtual service with ease.
  • Advanced Mode: Advanced features of virtual service recording can be turned on with a click of a button.  This makes the default user interface clean and clear for newer users while still enabling our experienced users to get to the robust features of the live service recorder.


Check out this quick video to see our first 8.0 gift to you.



The 12 days of 8.0 – Day 1 - YouTube



TThe 12 Days of DevTest Blog SeriesT

TWELVE Mobile Tests Generated

ELEVEN Selenium UI Test Scripts

TEN JSON assertions and filters

NINE API tests running

EIGHT Transactions Documented

SEVEN well calibrated agents

SIX Agents, protocols, categories intercepted

FIVE Generated assets

FOUR Opaque data types processed

THREE new execution modes

TWO RR pairs added

and A Server-Side Recorder in a DevTest tree!"