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The 12 days of 8.0 - Day 12

By Anon Anon posted Dec 12, 2014 07:03 AM


"On the 12th day of DevTest the CA team brought to me 12 Mobile Tests Generated

ELEVEN Selenium UI Test Scripts

TEN JSON Assertions and Filters,

NINE API tests running

EIGHT transactions documented

SEVEN well calibrated agents,

SIX agents, protocols, categories intercepted,

FIVE generated assets,

FOUR opaque data types processes,

THREE new execution modes,

TWO RR pairs added,

and a Server-Side Recorder in a DevTest tree!"


On the 12th day we received twelve gifts; 12 tests automatically generated from your Mobile Application - almost too many for Santa to hold in his sack.


Way back before CA World '18 we discussed Voyager Mobile Testing Monday #5 and we showed a Demonstration of Voyager at CA World too.

Watch Voyager Construct Tests and Run them:


We also have a  wonderful Dev Test Christmas Story told through your favorite Christmas Movies (Voyager is in there somewhere too!)


So now for your Christmas Story...

Everyone is making their way to Mobile for Christmas...

giphy (2).gif

They knew they could not make it in time unless they let their delivery really fly by leveraging Service Virtualization, just like Rudolph...

giphy (3).gif

Like Cousin Eddie Says: You want your Mobile App to be "Something Really Nice", so they knew they needed to test the app at every build...

giphy (4).gif

But the code changes every time its released and this breaks your tests... And that can really rob some of your Christmas Spirit...

giphy (5).gif

Add in fast delivery cycles from Development and the chore of updating and modifying your tests starts to feel like something that only Buddy could find fun in...

giphy (6).gif

Some may wonder if there is simply nothing that can be done to deal with faster delivery, and some run away in fear...

giphy (13).gif

Well the Grinch might find it satisfying, to see so many fear...

giphy (7).gif

But we have an answer in Voyager you'll see, the Dev Test team is like George Bailey - "Offering you the Moon"...

giphy (8).gif

Well almost,  we won't get you the moon... but Voyager can help you create tests for your Mobile App; and those may be created every time there is an application change, it can rebuild your testing catalog all by exploring your application - Its smarter than Buddy but just as excited to help...

giphy (11).gif

So this Holiday Don't Feel like your "Home Alone" when it comes to building Mobile tests, Voyager will help show you the way!

giphy (12).gif

Like a comet across the sky!

giphy (15).gif

Merry Christmas to all and may your Mobile app dreams come true!

giphy (14).gif

The End.



Wishing you and yours the Happiest Time of the year, a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!



TThe 12 Days of DevTest Blog SeriesT

TWELVE Mobile Tests Generated

ELEVEN Selenium UI Test Scripts

TEN JSON assertions and filters

NINE API tests running

EIGHT Transactions Documented

SEVEN well calibrated agents

SIX Agents, protocols, categories intercepted

FIVE Generated assets

FOUR Opaque data types processed

THREE new execution modes

TWO RR pairs added

and A Server-Side Recorder in a DevTest tree!"



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