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Mobile Testing Monday #5

By Anon Anon posted Oct 06, 2014 05:26 PM


This week in Mobile Testing Monday we go from a local lab to the stars.


We first discuss Mobile Lab, the ability to have a group of devices and simulators/emulators in your local network all available for CA Application test to interact with.  These devices/simulators/emulators can be open to your entire team - providing on demand test recording and execution environments and requiring no "local" emulators/simulators/devices.


Then we go to the stars and talk about Voyager, our code name for our application explorer.  Voyager explores and exercises your mobile applications and automates the creation of tests.  Voyager lets you perform complete functional testing cycles - exploring your application and generating functional tests.  This powerful ability frees you up to focus on User Experience and improved performance of your Mobile Applications.


We were inspired by NASA Voyager in creating this functionality - Voyager - The Interstellar Mission  as you can see Voyager has enabled us to go see far beyond our solar system.  CA Application Test for Mobile with Voyager will help you explore your mobile apps faster and with more coverage.