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Where can I find Spel functions documentation? 

Jun 06, 2015 07:14 PM

What is spel

Spel is a procedural language closely resembling C, with some additional statements for handling the Business Object Process (BOP) messaging architecture.

(Integrations Vol2 p124)


  • Spel is CA proprietary code language script for CA Service Desk Manager where is a interpreted language executed by Method Engine called SPEL_SRVR  - "Spel code interpretation server" (CA WIKI)
    • Spel code can be interpreted not only by spel server but also by webengine if it is placed in www directory and defined as custom webengine operation, know how more SPEL: Register custom webengine OP by cdtj
  • All changes using spel changes on CA Service Desk Manager will change factory standard
  • All changes using spel code it´s a customization and don't have support by CA Support. (CA Support Brief)
  • All custom changes on CA SDM is  located in $NX_ROOT\site\mods\
  • Spel code can be found in .spl and .maj files located in $NX_ROOT\bopcfg\majic and $NX_ROOT\site\mods\majic directories. (Integrations Vol2 p122)
  • Examples can be found in the $NX_ROOT\samples (CA WIKI)
  • .spl files with a pcd preceding the .spl are encrypted files, such as chgpcd.spl or itilpcd.spl.
  • We are using usually spel to do attribute validation and/or notification


Be Careful

By Kyle_R

WARNING: Incorrect SPL code customization can stop your system

Click here for more information


Data Types

int 32 bit integerlong 32 bit integerfloat or double (same)
datedurationstring C++ object
object BOP objectuuid


Logical operators

A programming-language symbol that denotes a logical operation, are generally derived from Boolean algebra, which is a mathematical way of manipulating the truth values of concepts



Logical operator AND.



Logical operator OR



logical or bitwise OR


Relational operators

Relational operators allow comparison of values. (know more...)



Equal to


Not Equal to


Less than or equal to


Less than


Greater than or equal to


Greater than

x == yx != yx <= yx < yx >= yx > y


Arithmetic operators

Arithmetic operators able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. (know more...)




Concatenation operators

Concatenation is the process of appending one string to the end of another string. When you concatenate string literals or string constants by using the + operator, the spel creates a single string.




Assignment operators

Assign a value to a name. (more...)


simple assignment
Compound addition
Compound subtraction
Compound multiplication
Compound division
Compound modulo





Conditional statements are evaluated condition where are compared values,  Example: if (x % 2 == 0)



Loops are used in performing repetitive task in programming.



Loop statement in programming language repeatedly executes a target statement as long as a given condition






SPEL API methods






msg_length(), which returns length of msg array after send_wait usage


Example Code:


for (i=0;i<msg_length();i++) {

    logf(SIGNIFICANT, "msg[%d]: '%s'", i, msg[i]);





SPEL: Object update


upd_val, update objects


Example code:



  1. macro::upd_val("iss",                          // object factory 
  2.               format("id=%d",other_issue_id), // where clause to get object (or objects) 
  3.               30,                            // delay to new retry if first iteration fails 
  4.               3,                              // amount of retries 
  5.               "summary",                      // attribute to update 
  6.               "test 1",                      // new value   
  7.               "description",                  // another attr  
  8.               "test 2",                      // another value   
  9.               "z_etc_param",                  // amount of attributes that can be updated in 1 iteration is infinite   
  10.               "here is etc value");          // value can be string, integer or anything else. 


Spel files and Advanced Availability

1. create your files

2. run pdm_server control -b on standby it will become background

3. run pdm_server_control -v on standby former background

4. run pdm_server control -b on standby former background it will become background

5. restart standby and application servers

By Gutis


Makes SPEL code easier to understand


References - To find out more about Spell, then go to:



Technical Reference Guide Release 12.9.00

CA SDM Spell coding - How to recycle Spel Service - (spel_srvr)

SPEL: Dummy atevs cancellation 

SPEL: HTML styled notification via SPEL ( cdtj )

SPEL: How to call SDM method using WebServies 

Custom WebEngine OP : Who is currently watching object

SPEL: Object update (cdtj )

SPEL: Register custom webengine OP


SPEL API methods (Gutis)

SPEL API: BOP Manual  Chapters

SPEL API: Overview

SPEL API: Lessons

SPEL API: BOP - Executables

SPEL API: BOP Interpretive C Language

SPEL API: BOP - Schema - Majic

SPEL API: Domain Server Public Messages

SPEL API: Domain Server - Attached Events

SPEL API: VBOP Detail Description




Update Change Status based on Task Status using SPELL. by Fabiano Domingues 



 Service Desk Manager 15 days Implementation 





Tiago Macul




 Daniel Bighelini 

Tiago MACUL's Blog





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