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08-22-2019 10:40 AM

Update 11/5/19

We rolled out a new feature allowing all users to change their username from the default (first name last name) to something else.   Please check out the How to Update your Username video.   If you change your username please adhere to the Terms of Service and not use sysadmin, admin, root, partner, reseller or anything admin related or any company related name including brocade, broadcom, CA, symantec, or any other acquired company name.   

Update 10/30/19

We are working on the search and filtering system on the Ideation page.  Thank you all for reporting user issues with the functionality.    Thx ~jm

Update 10/19/19

This is our centralized document for tracking bug fixes, patches, enhancements on the Community Platform (Higher Logic).   Many updates, bug fixes, and patches are rolled out silently weekly by the vendor.    Some you may notice others may not have affected you and will go unnoticed.   We are closing working with the vendor to improve customer experience and evolve the community platform.

Update 10/19/19

Over the weekend there were new features added to the ideation main page cleaning up the tile area.   During the release, we encountered a few visual bugs that were cleaned up.     I am also working on a case for the search and filter tool on the page.    We are working with the vendor to offer a more filtered search much like the one we are creating for the product communities.    More to come on the slow rollout of ideation v2.

Thank you


Update 9/9/19

We've been working towards a new release for two hot items on our list.   The vendor has not set a release date but changes are coming.

  1. Ideation - a closer relationship to product communities.   
  2. Search -  search tools on product communities islocating search to the product community you are in.
  3. Improved Site Speed -  we've noticed it and we've heard the feedback.   The vendor moved us to a faster server about 30 days ago with some improvement.   We are looking for more ways to optimize the load time and site speed.
Thank you
@Jason McClellan

Update 8/22/19

Since we launched on June 1st the following enhancements have been rolled out to production.

  1. P1 - Request for Moderation Rule -  when a new community member creates an account their first post ALWAYS goes to moderation.   This protects us from 90% of the SPAM posts out there and allowed us to turn off full-time moderation.    When we launched moderation was on full time which was very negative user experience.  That was a big win for us.  There are additional moderation rules in the pipeline.   In the meantime, we are in Self-Moderation mode so if you see a suspect post - Mark as Inappropriate.   
  2. P2 - Request on How to Reply -   this was a big one for the larger community.   I had issues with this feature often replying privately when I meant to reply to the thread.   The options are clear either Reply or Reply Privately * see below image
  3. P1 - Link URL Changes -  The old platform Jive had CSS attached to links and URLS for TEC##### documents in Support.  Engineering had three scripts that ran across all imported content to remove old Jive code and fix the new URL scheme so the TEC links now open properly in the support Service Desk.   This was a huge undertaking with many variations.   Kudos to the HL Engineering Team.
  4. P1 - Export all Experts Forum Content for Internal teams.   This was an internal P1 to allow Broadcom to access legacy date from the Jive site.  It was time-consuming but ultimately will bridge the gap to the new HCL collaboration platform.   No impact to the general community.
  5. P1 - Ongoing project to make sure old legacy URLS in Google are redirected properly on the new platform.   Between both migration Communities (CA/Jive and Broadcom/Lithium) we had over 500k links indexed in Google.  We have a massive 301 redirect table that will in the short term allow the user to use an old link to find the current link.  Over time Google will replace with the new link.
  6. P3 - Images across discussions and documents that were broken have been restored.
  7. P4 - not on our list but upgraded by the vendor - new Editor released platform-wide with enhanced features.
  8. P1 - moved to a new server which is faster and more responsive speeding up the site load time.

Roadmap Items

  1. Vendor - Ideation v2 Release - we have had a few meetings on features and functionality we require for Ideas.   The Vendors Engineering team is working on v2 currently with no target release date. The intent is to closely related ideas to the specific a product community.
  2. Internal Community Team - Integration with Wolkensoft Service Desk - current customers will be able to open tickets directly from a community discussion forum.  Scoping in progress,
  3. Adding in External Moderators -  Many community members had moderator privileges on Jive/Lithium.   We are working with the vendor to recreate these roles.
  4. Search for Product Communities - and isolated search tool for each product community filtering out everything except those product community discussions, docs, events and eventually ideas.

The item being addressed Internally by Community Management Team

  1. Tag Audit - once we finish our audio and initiate the changes adding tags will become easier.

Response to items on the master list:
-  User Blogs were not migrated.    All product level blogs were migrated.   Personal blogs were not migrated nor are they supported at Broadcom.   There were notices sent out to the Community many times prior to migration to copy any personal blogs in advance since they were not being migrated.
-  User reputation and achievements were lost, or if we're generous, 'migrated' to a tiny set of HL equivalents. - all contributions were migrated and associated with the new profile.  You can see these under your profile.    We have a few Badges/Ribbons created and will be rolling out more as we close out 2019.  All platforms Jive/Lithium/Drupal/Higher Logic are not apples to apples when converting.
Links to external content are broken. I.e., ones that begin with  E.g., all the documentation links in the article Documentation for AE, Messages, DB schema, Java APIs, etc. redirects are in place for the new home if that part of the business was migrated.  It could have been combined with another site or converted into a Broadcom platform.   Blanket statements that all links are broken is not accurate.   Many of the migrated platforms where links are embedded inside a Community discussion post or document have redirects in place.
there is no mobile app -   the new community platform is fully responsive.   There is no need for a special mobile app.

There are many more on the to be addressed and upcoming changes from the vendor on my list that I will address over the next few months.

The following road map or enhancement items discussed is intended to outline higher logic's general product direction, but our products may or may not be released as listed or shown. The above list is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making engagement or purchase decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for higher logic products remain at the sole discretion of the vendor higher logic.


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