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Re: Service Catalog - Part 2

Hi Ken, You will find some documentation on one of your own thread below for Dashboard creation. Hope that would be of some help. Answered by @Iain, #dashboarddisplay , #Dashboard Creation ...

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CA PPM Tableau

Good Morning, I am interested in connecting with others who are leveraging Tableau for visualizations of data from the CA PPM data warehouse. So far we have dashboards for projects, portfolios, time allocations, time actuals, and role allocations (enabling project manager leaders to see who...

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Is there a way to pre-define filters on Dashboards?

Hello, I am working on the Jaspersoft dashboards. If you are using a pre-made report on the dashboard, such as capacity vs. demand, you are able to add filters to apply to this report. However, when I add the report the default filter for the report investment status is unapproved. Is there a...

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Can dashboards in UIM be tied down to an origin without using a context selector?

I'm creating dashboards for an MSP which has several different customers. I wanted to find a way of setting the origin of a dashboard to each customer without displaying a context selector with origin and without having to change each SQL query. Does anyone know if this can be done, or is...