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  • 1.  QueueCheck probe

    Posted Aug 03, 2023 06:36 AM
    Edited by Luc Christiaens 30 days ago

    Included probe: QueueCheck can help you with:

    - monitor all Hub and Nas queues in your environment

    - calculate message rate between polls

    - send alarms when thresholds' are breached
    - send alarm when GET queue is not connected
    - send alarm when ATTACH queue has no consumers
    - clear alarm when needed
    - send email when thresholds are breached
    - more granular configuration settings compared with the old LUA script
    - create qos metrics to create dashboard overviews, CABI/Jaspersoft report, Metric View or PRD report
    - sample dashboards are included

    Sample start dashboard:

    Sample dashboard: Overview (with queue connect status, queueing last status, max/min last hour, qos rate last status and min/max last hour).  This view should give you all important information in 1 screen.

    Sample dashboard: hub status: (with last status, max last 6/12 hours, uptime, version)

    Sample dashboard : Hub & Nas queues (with last status number metrics queued, max last 6/12 hours)

    Sample dashboard: queue rate (number of metrics processed by each queue since previous poll)

    Sample dashboard: queue bulk_size: (hub queue setting that can influence queue throughput)

    Note1:  This probe is written in Perl, but packaged with Perl source and compiled version
    Note2:  There is also a LUA queuecheck script available that reports/alarms only on the queued thresholds. This LUA script is still a valid solution if you want to have a **** solution with fewer customization possibilities and less qos metrics.

    File: QueueCheck_2.9.9.zip is the probe to import into your archive
    File: QueueCheck_utilities_2.9.9.zip contains the doc file and example files

    New in 2.9.2:
    - when a hub is started recently, the probe will wait 1 interval (for this hub) to avoid false alarms for probes that are starting
    - new QoS: qos_queuecheck_diff, this metric will contain the number of alarms/qos processed by each queue in the previous probe interval. (activated by config: qos_on_diff)
    - extra ci_type for the new qos metric in file: doc_ci_type_add.txt
    - logging is reworked so that with loglevel=0 you can clearly check what the probe did
    - new config parameters: hub_exclude and nas_exclude (in regex format)
    - create (optional) alarm when an ATTACH queue has no consumers (activated by config: alarm_level_attach_no_consumer) at queue level
    - create (optional) alarm when a GET queue is not connected (activated by config: alarm_level_get_not_connected) at queue level
    - default config file can be used as an example, it will not send emails and all alarms are set to level: 1 (INFO) (only if nas/hub are inactive an alarm will be send)
    - new version of mail script: nas_mail_queued.bat
    New in 2.9.3:
    - new parameters: get_queue_exclude and attach_queue_exclude to add exclude filters
    - alarm_on_diff and alarm_level_diff_queue to define alarming on # processed_alarm/qos in last probe interval
    - probe will now recognize a (remote) hub restart to calculate the difference in qos/alarm processed in the last probe interval
    - add a second dashboard example based on qos_queuecheck_diff metrics
    New in 2.9.4:
    - add parameters: request_timeout and request_retry used in the UIM callbacks
    - add parameter: log_subscriber_info to list of used subscribers for each hub
    - parameters: get_queue_exclude, attach_queue_exclude and the queue section name parameter are now matched against the UIM address (name is now also regex)
    - add parameter check_regex that can validate your regex parameters
    New in 2.9.5:
    - add queue section parameters: ignore_alarm_time_start and ignore_alarm_time_end.  This gives you the possibility to suppress alarms during a time period, example during backup of the CA_UIM database 
    - add in log file the occurrence # of each problem
    - add parameter display_clear_in_log; this will add a log entry for each clear that is executed
    - when starting the probe a sql query will obtain the open alarms for probe queuecheck, from the nas_alarms table, and will acknowledge these.  (instead of trying to execute a clear for every possible alarm)
    - when monitoring the queue type TEMP for the number of queued qos/alarms, the alarm will contain the id and subject of the temp queue to help you finding the problematic queue.
    - added 3 starting scenarios in the doc and utilities zip file.

    New in 2.9.8:

    - add qos:  qos_queuecheck_rate (message rate between polls) activated by: qos_on_rate

    - add qos: qos_queuecheck_count (total messages processed since start queue) activated by: qos_on_count

    - add qos: qos_queuecheck_bulksize activated by: qos_on_bulksize

    - add qos: qos_queuecheck_hubstatus: activated by: qos_on_hubstatus

    - add qos: qos_queuecheck_hubuptime: activated by qos_on_hubuptime

    - add sample dashboards with a _start_queuecheck dashboard

    - add qos: qos_queuecheck_hubversion: activated by qos_on_hubversion

    New in 2.9.9:

    • add qos: qos_queuecheck_connect activated by: qos_on_attach_connect and qos_on_get_connect
    • add new Overview dashboard with all important qos metrics on 1 page
    • changed probe package to start with compiled (Windows) version & a example cfg file that is ready to be used. (you only need to configure, if not done previously, the file: nimsoft_generic.dat with the uim, sql access details)

    New in

    • alarm suppression key was not always filled in correctly
    • changed dashboard color green so that digits are more readable
    • uim 23.4 changed the format of the hub version
    • excluded nas queues from the "rate" dashboard because nas rate is not available

    Problems, remarks, suggestions, ideas and enhancements are very welcome
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  • 2.  RE: QueueCheck probe

    Posted Jul 19, 2022 01:01 PM
    Repost with MD5 checksum:
    MD5 hash of file QueueCheck_2.9.1.zip: fc 4c 69 98 c4 b0 f1 b4 a1 83 55 78 d0 5e ce fd
    MD5 hash of file queuecheck_utilities.zip: 43 37 f8 65 d2 c3 80 93 52 76 ac fd 04 f5 2e 9f

  • 3.  RE: QueueCheck probe

    Posted Jul 27, 2022 08:55 AM
    Version 2.9.2:
    MD5 hash of file QueueCheck_2.9.2.zip:
    cc aa 9d c9 b9 26 5c 6d 5d 2a 67 88 f3 b4 e3 a3

    MD5 hash of file queuecheck_utilities_2.9.2.zip:
    78 48 76 0d f1 f6 6c 92 84 28 94 d7 70 38 b2 bb

  • 4.  RE: QueueCheck probe

    Posted Aug 01, 2022 10:45 AM
    Version 2.9.3:
    MD5 hash of file QueueCheck_2.9.3.zip:
    06 a4 75 a2 80 99 52 21 73 0f 33 7b 18 3f eb d9

    MD5 hash of file queuecheck_utilities_2.9.3.zip:
    b8 e2 98 5b 27 ec 91 39 a1 d6 2c 33 2a 80 ca e3

  • 5.  RE: QueueCheck probe

    Posted Aug 19, 2022 07:27 AM
    Version 2.9.5: (see initial post to see what's new in each version)
    MD5 hash of file QueueCheck_2.9.5.zip:
    d1 f2 c3 f0 09 dc 6d 1a 03 f3 e2 2e cb c1 a9 11

    MD5 hash of file queuecheck_utilities_2.9.5.zip:
    29 e5 86 b4 52 e9 e3 0c 54 3e 3b 3f e2 f1 71 a3

  • 6.  RE: QueueCheck probe

    Posted Aug 04, 2023 03:49 AM

    Version 2.9.8: (see initial post to see the what's new)

    MD5 hash of QueueCheck_2.9.8.zip: (this is the zip that you can import in your archive)

    MD5 hash of queuecheck_utilities_2.9.8.zip: (unzip this file, this contains the doc file and extra files)

  • 7.  RE: QueueCheck probe

    Posted Sep 19, 2023 03:26 AM
    Edited by Luc Christiaens 30 days ago

    Version 2.9.9: 

    - create qos: qos_queuecheck_connect with queue activation status

    - new Overview dashboard that gives in 1 view: queue connection status, queueing number, rate number

    MD5 hash of QueueCheck_2.9.9.zip:
    MD5 hash of queuecheck_utilities_2.9.9.zip:


  • 8.  RE: QueueCheck probe

    Posted 30 days ago


    • alarm suppression key was not always filled in correctly
    • changed dashboard color green so that digits are more readable
    • uim 23.4 changed the format of the hub version
    • excluded nas queues from the "rate" dashboard because nas rate is not available

    MD5 hash of file QueueCheck_2.9.1.1.zip: 9d3b1e1c97b83b414003d0b033f870b8

    MD5 hash of queuecheck_utilities_2.9.9.1.zip: 0fb255207205251aba7ac6c8ba9702b9


    queuecheck_2.9.9.1.zip   11.99 MB 1 version