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  • Hi James-san, Thank you very much for providing the sample. Using these as a reference, I will create the output I envision while understanding it. Many thanks, Kazuhiko Furuishi

  • Hi Mike-san and Scott-san, Thank you for following me. I was able to download those files/source. I will use them to understand the functionality of HB.js. Many thanks, Kazuhiko Furuishi

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  • Posted in: Hostbridge

    December 2023 To: HTAC Customers From: Broadcom's HTAC Product Team Subject: General Availability Announcement for HTAC 2.1 On behalf of Broadcom, we are pleased to announce that HTAC 2.1 is Generally ...

  • Posted in: Hostbridge

    We are happy to announce the availability of a new Web-based training course for HostBridge that will introduce the learner to the HostBridge JavaScript Engine, or HB.js, which is a complete solution for rapidly developing and deploying reusable CICS ...