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    Welcome to the Broadcom Customer Care Community where Broadcom software customers can connect to share questions, ideas, and feedback. 

    Are you new to Broadcom Support Portal?

    Check out our Support Portal Enhancements and New Case Management FAQ

    To find your Site ID, report issues related to your support portal, Account or Entitlements. Create a case or Call the support directly.

    Multiple ways to contact us:

    Phone: Numbers listed on the contact support page

    Case:  Customer Care Request Form 

    Chat: Go to Support Portal and click on the chat icon available on the right side bottom of the page. See Contact Broadcom Support via chat for more details. 

    Attention:   Be aware this forum is public, so if you need to share sensitive files or information, do so securely.   

    Do not post customer info, email, phone numbers or files to this forum.

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  • To report issues related to your support portal Account or Entitlements. Follow the below instructions to create a case or Call the support. If you need help finding your Site ID , please use the Support Site ID request Form The ...

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  • Dang.. I had same like you Robert. After submitted my site ID 2 weeks ago, today just got reply simply 'not approved' without any reason. My VMware support license still valid now I don't have access to download. i was hopeful, but not anymore. No wonder ...

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