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  • And in case you haven't completed the NAC/NES upgrade yet, here are some upgrade best practices KB articles that may help: 6.6 Upgrade Best Practices Best Practices Guide prior to Release Automation upgrade Upgrading the NAC fails with error "Checking ...

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  • Hi Javier, I hope this message finds you well. The 6.2 agents are not supported. If you had a problem with/on a 6.2 agent then you would need to upgrade to a supported version before help could be provided. But the system itself is capable working with ...

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  • Posted in: Release Automation

    ​ Hi Team, We use GET http://<host>:< port>/datamanagement/a/api/<version>/applications/{appId}/environments API to fetch all environments of a specific Application. Environment list is very long and takes more than 30 secs for the request to complete. ...

  • Posted in: Release Automation

    Hi, Does anyone had a chance to use Hashicorp Vault action pack and can advise on the input parameters? Getting the following error while trying to get KV secret from Vault: Vault looks like this: Action looks ...

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  • On behalf of CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated ...

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