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  • Symantec PAM September Tech Talk - Replay Link

    The PAM product management team hosted a tech talk on September 28, 2022.  With the broadening attack surface, security teams require tools that can provide a range of controls to secure their environment, especially for users, both human and non-human who are granted elevated access. Symantec PAM continues to evolve to meet our customers' needs.  During this session, the team introduced and demoed the generation of ephemeral certificates for zero standing privilege access.  If you missed this event, you can watch it at the following link.

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  • Thank you guys for the advice. Appreciate it.

  • Hello Mike, PAM would not be concerned with creation of the accounts on the windows servers, that would be an activity outside of PAM. Assuming the accounts exist on the windows servers, you can configure devices, target applications and target accounts ...

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  • He gets error. PAM-UI-10003: Failed to connect to server, check your network connection. Had user clear cache and reboot his device. Still same. I tested the same device as me and was able to access. Had the customer try to reset the filter same error. ...

  • The PAM field team recently integrated Symantec PAM with Symantec Secure Access Cloud to enable secure remote access to the PAM appliance without the need for a VPN.  Please check out this video to learn more: ...