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    Welcome to the DX Infrastructure Manager (formerly CA Unified Infrastructure Management, or CA UIM) Community where users and product experts connect to share questions, ideas and feedback. Here you will find the right people and tools to help you with every stage of your DX Infrastructure Manager journey, whether you are just getting started, need help, or want to make the most of your DX Infrastructure Manager investment. We’re glad you’ve joined us!


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  • The AIOps segment is continuously working to improve our software to best meet the needs of our customers. We regularly update our solutions to improve performance, add new features and address customer issues. Make sure you're on the latest release ...

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  • Some detail would be great Shooting in the dark, I'll suggest that you might be successful using logmon. Logmon can run a command and parse output. So if there's a server you can install logmon on and whatever device it is that you are trying to monitor ...

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  • The AIOps segment at Broadcom is committed to our customer's business outcomes and the successful adoption of our AIOps products. That's why we're excited to share our monthly segment newsletter. Subscribe today to get the latest product updates, ...

  • Use this step by step guide to upgrade to DX Infrastructure Manager 9.1 toda

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