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GA announcement: Database API Generator 1.0.0 is Generally Available

  • 1.  GA announcement: Database API Generator 1.0.0 is Generally Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 07, 2023 09:28 AM
    Edited by Jason McClellan Nov 07, 2023 01:54 PM

    IDMS IUA Community members,

    As part of our Embrace Open strategy, the IDMS group is pleased to announce the general availability of the Database API Generator 1.0.0.  We are hosting a webcast on November 16 @ 11:00 (ET) to share more details and hope you can join us, registration is now open: "Introducing the Database (IDMS & Datacom) API Generator."

    The Database API Generator simplifies the development of new web-based applications providing direct access to existing mainframe data. By automating the creation of Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs that access data, API developers can easily generate APIs that Web developers can call from the web applications that they create, providing easy access to database resources using modern, standard techniques.

    There are several powerful components that make up the Database API Generator capability, all of which are leveraged to enable the overall functionality and automation. 

    Database Metadata Service: Can be used standalone and is used by the Database API Generator Visual Studio (VS) Code extension explorer.  The REST API endpoints of this service expose standard JDBC metadata, which allows for the discovery of schemas, tables, relationships, procedures, and other data.  For more information, see Install and Configure the Database Metadata Service and Using the Database Metadata Service.

    Database API Generator VS Code Extension: Leverages a Visual Studio (VS) Code extension that is used from within a Spring Boot project.  Using the explorer functionality, developers can discover and select user-defined database resources for generating the Java classes and methods used to create the REST API endpoints to access the data.  For more information, see Install and Configure the Database API Generator VS Code Extension.

    Database API Sample Project: A framework for creating a Business API Server.  The Database API Generator is used from within the project to discover and generate the components of resulting REST API endpoints that access user-defined data.  The project is then compiled into the resulting Business API Server. For more information, see Configure the Database API Sample Project.

    Business API Server: Deployed on z/OS or other distributed platforms. The REST API endpoints have been generated by the developer in the Database API Generator and access the user-defined data. These endpoints can be used to develop the web applications for the end user. For more information, see Install and Configure the Business API Server and Using the Business API Server.

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    Rajesh Mandava
    Product Owner, IDMS Product Family
    Broadcom Software