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  • 1.  Did any tried Okta integration with vSphere 8

    Posted Jun 11, 2024 09:27 AM

    Hello Team,

    I am planning to implement vCenter Authentication: Okta integration with vSphere 8. but I am struck in SCIM 2.0 configuration.

    Error I am getting:-  

    "Please review the form to correct the following error(s):

    • Error authenticating: null"

    When i search get to know that :- Okta will only connect to SCIM servers that are publicly available. This error may occur if the vCenter SCIM server is behind a network firewall.

    Now I need to provide this access local users public ally should not be available

    How to create Tenant URL can be accessible locally instead of Public?

    If i need to make it public what is the steps and how it will secure from security point.

    Can any one help me with this issue.

    Thanks & Regards

    Ajay. NT

  • 2.  RE: Did any tried Okta integration with vSphere 8

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 12, 2024 12:51 AM

    Hi Ajay, 

    I think you posted this in the wrong community. This is the CA Service Management community. You might want to post this in the VMWare Community.