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    Posted 04-01-2008 09:04 AM
    Good point, but this is also a 'chicken-and-egg' issue, and you appear
    to assume it must be the chicken. There is another hypothesis for the
    reduction in tech grads: lack of belief in the long-term security of
    the field of IT (or science, for that matter). I, myself, completed an
    MS in geology in 1985 ... In the middle of the last really big recession
    in the USA. ...wanted to be able to feed children ---> got job in IT.
    I am confident that I was not alone in this professional
    transmogrification, or my motivation.

    College students aren't stupid. In a sense, you could view the decline
    in the numbers of tech grads as a logical response to 'market forces'.
    It is also, unfortunately, a self-fulfilling prophecy /
    positive-feedback loop of sorts.

    In terms of personal attitude, I agree with Vince, but not about the
    forces at work. If the job market were functioning in response to the
    'lack of qualified individuals', more students would be in IT. Period.
    Individuals may be lazy, or only focused on what is 'cool', but not
    large labor markets (at least, if you believe macro-economists).

    Vince LaPiana