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    Posted 03-31-2008 09:32 AM
    Well, in regards to L2 CA support et al, I dont think any of them had
    IDMS experience at user sites in the first place. I've heard one of
    their managers comment that it's impossible to find local BAL expertise.
    I doubt that they'll find it in India either. CA's management, and
    Cullinet for that, reasoning has always escaped me, but I think it may
    be safe to say that the IDMS folks do not drive CA corporate management
    decisions in Islandia.

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    Re: Is this difficult?

    I am jumping in late - so I haven't had a chance to read the other dozen + comments.?
    And the reason is ironic - I am working as an Oracle developer and
    I have just worked 15 hours each day since?Friday.?

    You now how . . .
    ""The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. ""
    Benjamin Franklin

    Well that means Oracle and Windows, etc. MAKES YOU INSANE!!! I have found numerous?cases where YES when you do the?EXACT SAME THING with the EXACT SAME DATA. . you get DIFFERENT RESULTS.???

    And as an IDMS'er since 1984 - I've heard people say that before. And I usually take it with a grain of salt - and in the IDMS world I have never seen it.?
    Usuall what you find is:
    One of my users (20 yrs ago at a still current IDMS shop) freaked and started yelling at me that our report and data were wrong because the data on his hard-copy report didn't match IDMS.? And that IDMS must not work right.? ?But then I discovered after he repeatedly denied updating anything, that? the data was time stamped(an update)?a couple hours earlier AND?that he was showing me a report from the PRIOR week and he was the one who had updated the data that very morning.?? Um-the bonehead(?) was mad that the report he had - which he had for over week -?did not reflect the data/updates that he finally acknowledged making THAT VERY MORNING.? I guess it was my/IDMS's that data changes are not imprinted on previously printed reports!!?? (That wuld be an interesting trick.)

    But no I am POSITIVE, and other?people here have witnessed this one, that :?

    The lastest one is in?a built in Oracle function/procedure ?to move a file from?one directory/file name to another.? After over 20 attempts it finally worked with the same files and directories and noone changed the permission.? When I tried to recreate it, it did not work for at least 5 more times, THEN it?did for a couple, etc, etc.
    And people in these environs think this garbage is NORMAL.

    How I would love to introduce them to IDMS!!!

    Cindy Kline