IDMS R17 with zIIP processors

  • 1.  IDMS R17 with zIIP processors

    Posted 01-19-2009 02:38 PM
    Does anyone have practical experience with how much CPU savings can be
    achieved using zIIP processors with IDMS R17?

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    Re: IDMS R17 with zIIP processors
    "I'm running benchmarks at the moment. It doesn't look good so far.=20

    IDMS is indeed using a lot of ZIIP processing resulting in a reported
    reduction in CPU time on the main processor. However in terms of
    throughput my benchmarks are giving me almost 50% performance

    Example: 1,000,000 records read from a fully buffered area with existing
    system (No ZIIP) I get 21,000 records per second. With ZIIP turned on my
    reported CPU is down to about a third but my records per second is

    I'm running further benchmarks with I/O intensive jobs and mixed loads.
    Results available soon.

    Chris Trayler =20