Applying R19.0 cumulative maintenance

  • 1.  Applying R19.0 cumulative maintenance

    Posted 08-10-2018 02:02 PM


    has anyone used the "CA SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval" service for applying maintenance to CA IDMS?  Reason I'm asking is that I am doing an R19.5 upgrade at a client site. I have downloaded the PAX installation file which install R19.0 at level 0000 (SP0).  Now I have to manually extract and download all the accumulated maintenance for a long list of products:

    ADS Batch                           ADS Alive                         ADS for CA IDMS             Option for APPC

    IDMS/DB Audit                     IDMS/DB Analyser           Culprit for CA IDMS          IDMS Extractor

    IDMS/DB Reorg                   DDS Option                      DLI Transparency             Dictionary Loader

    IDMS Dict. Migrator              IDMS DML Online           IDMS Dictionary Query Facility

    IDMS Journal Analyzer         IDMS Log Analyzer         IDMS Masterkey               IDMS Online Log Display                                  OLQ                                ADS Trace                         IDMS/DC

    IDMS/DC Sort                       IDMS Task Analyzer       IDMS UCF                         IDMS VSAM Transparency                       IDMS Server                    IDMS SQL

    Doing this manually will take a considerable amount of time and effort. Unfortunately the client does not want to setup the CA CSM product so I can't use it to apply the maintenance.

    Any comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated.