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CA Products Current and Formerly Names

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    Posted 12-08-2015 02:26 AM
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    Hello All,


    Here is the quick view of CA Products Current and Formerly Names



    Current NameFormerly Name
    CA Agile Planning CA Clarity Agile
    CA App Synthetic MonitorCA APM Cloud Monitor
    CA Application Performance ManagementCA Wily Introscope, CA Wily Customer Experience Manager
    CA Application TestCA LISA Test/Frame
    CA Automation Sutie for CloudsCA Automation Suite for Hybrid/Private Clouds
    CA Balanching Report ControlUnicenter CA-Balancing Report Control
    CA Business Service InsightCA Oblicore Guarantee
    CA Chorus Software ManagerCA Mainframe Software Manager
    CA Client AutomationCA IT Client Manager
    CA Cloud Service ManagementCA Nimsoft Service Desk
    CA Continuous Application InsightCA LISA Pathfinder
    CA Data Center Infrastructure ManagementCA DCIM
    CA Data ProtectionCA DataMinder
    CA Database Analyzer for IMS for z/OSUnicenter Database Analyzer for IMS
    CA Desktop Migration ManagerUnicenter Desktop DNA
    CA Dynam FastVTOCBrightStor CA-Dynam FastVTOC
    CA ecoDesktopCA ecoDesktop
    CA ecoGovernanceCA ecoGovernance
    CA ecoMeterCA ecoMeter
    CA Embedded Entitlements ManagerCA eTrust Identity & Access Management Toolkit
    CA Encryption Key ManagerCA Tape Encryption Key Manager
    CA Enterprise TesterAllFusion CA-Enterprise Tester
    CA Executive PlaybookCA Clarity Playbook
    CA FAVER VSAM Data ProtectionBrightsStor CA-FAVER VSAM Data Protection
    CA FederationCA SiteMinder Federation
    CA FLEE for z/VSEAllFusion CA-FLEE
    CA GigaStorCA NetQoS GigaStor
    CA Graphical Management InterfaceCA Graphical Management Interface
    CA Hyder-Buf VSAM Buffer Optimizer for z/VSEBrightStor CA-Hyder-Buf VSAM Buffer Optimizer for VSE
    CA Identity GovernaceCA GovernanceMinder
    CA Identity ManagerCA IdentityMinder
    CA Index Expert for DB2 for z/OSUnicenter Index Expert for DB2 UDB for z/OS
    CA InfoRefinerAdvantage InfoRefiner
    CA InfoTransportAdvantage InfoTransport
    CA IntroscopeCA Wily Introsope
    CA IT Inventory ManagerCA Asset Management
    CA LDAP Server for z/OSCA eTrust LDAP Server for z/OS
    CA LPD Report ConvergenceUnicenter CA-LPD Report Convergence
    CA Mainframe Application TunerTRILOGexpert TriTune
    CA Mainframe VM Product ManagerCA VM Mainframe Software Manager
    CA MasterCat VSAM Catalog ManagementBrightStor CA-MasterCat VSAM Catalog Management
    CA NetQos NetVoyantNetQos NetVoyant
    CA NetQoS Performance CenterNetQos Performance Center
    CA NetQoS Trade MonitorNetQos Trade Monitor
    CA NetSpy Network PerformanceCA Unicenter NetSpy Network Performace
    CA Network Flow AnalysisCA NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer
    CA OLAPCA CleverPath OLAP
    CA Optimizer/IIAllFusion CA-Optimizer/II
    CA Output Management Document ViewerCA Unicenter Output Management Documents Viewer
    CA Pan/LCMAllFusion CA-Pan/LCM
    CA PanAPTCA AllFusion CA-PanAPT
    CA PanexecAllFusion CA-Panexec
    CA Partition Expert for DB2 for z/OSCA Unicenter Partition Expert for DB2 UDB for z/OS
    CA Patch ManagerCA Unicenter Patch Management
    CA Performance OptimizerCA Hyperformix Performance Optimizer
    CA PlexAllFusion Plex
    CA Policy and Configuration ManagerCA eTrust Policy Compliance+Y1137
    CA PPMCA Clarity PPM
    CA Privileged Access Manager Server ControlCA Privileged Identity Manager
    CA Process AutomationCA IT Process Automation Manager
    CA Realia II WorkbenchAllFusion CA-Realia II Workbench
    CA Release AutomationCA LISA Release Automation
    CA Repository for Distributed SystemsAllFusion Repository for Distributed Systems
    CA Risk AnalysticsCA PaymentMinder
    CA Risk AuthenticationCA RiskMinder
    CA Secure CloudCA CloudMinder
    CA Security Command CentereTrust Security Command Center
    CA Service AccountingUnicenter Service Accounting
    CA Service AssureUnicenter Service Assure
    CA Service Desk ManagerCA Service Desk
    CA Service Metric AnalysisUnicenter Service Metric Analysis
    CA Service Operations InsightCA Spectrum Service Assurance
    CA Service VirtualizationCA LISA Service Virtualization
    CA ShareOption/5BrightStor CA-ShareOption/5
    CA Single Sign-OnCA SiteMinder
    CA Software DeliveryUnicenter Software Delivery
    CA Strong AuthenticationCA AuthMinder
    CA STX Session Management for z/OSUnicenter CA-STX
    CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Optiion for DB2 for z/OSCA Insight Performance Monitor for DB2 for z/OS
    CA TCPaccess Telnet Server for z/OSUniventer TCPaccess Telnet Server for z/OS and OS/390
    CA TCPaccess X.25 ServerUnicenter TCPaccess X.25 Server
    CA Teleview Session Management for z/OSUnicenter CA-Teleview Session Management
    CA Test Data ManagerCA Data Finder
    CA Top Secret for z/OSCA eTrust CA-TOP Secret Security for z/OS
    CA Top Secret for z/VMCA eTrust CA-TOP Secret Security for VM
    CA Top Secret for z/VSEeTrust CA-Top Secret Security for VSE
    CA Transaction ManagerCA PaymentMinder for 3-D Secure
    CA TSO/MON Performance ManagementUnicenter CA-TSO/MON Performance Management
    CA Unified Infrastructure ManagementCA Nimsoft Monitor
    CA User Acitivity ReportingCA Enterprise Log Manager
    CA Virtual AssuranceCA Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Management
    CA Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure ManagersCA Virtual Performance Management
    CA Virtual AutomationCa Virtual Automation
    CA Virtual ConfigurationCA Virtual Configuration
    CA Virtual Privilege ManagerCA Virtual Privelige Manger
    CA Visual Express ReporterCleverPath CA-Visual Express Reporter
    CA VM:Prorexx for z/VMUnicenter VM:Prorexx
    CA VSAMAID VSAM Tools for z/VSEBrightStor CA-VSAMAid VSAM Tols for VSE
    CA Vterm for z/VMUnicenter CA-Vterm for VM
    CA Vulnerability ManagaereTrust Vulnerablity Manager
    CA Web Services SecurityCA SiteMinder Web Services Security
    CA Workload Automation AECA AutoSys
    CA Workload Automation DECA dSeries
    CA XMENU for z/VMAllFusion CA-XMENU for VM
    JAWSJob Advance Early Warning System
    Nastel AutoPilot for WebSphere MQAutoPilot for WebSphere MQ
    Unicenter Message Queuing ServerCAM