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Export functionality not working

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  • 1.  Export functionality not working

    Posted 09-04-2014 03:11 AM

    We are using CA SDM 12.6


    Export functionality is not working.

    When the export button is clicked, it just fades for a few seconds and comes back without any result.

    There are no errors in any logs.


    We have done the settings for configuring tomcat with SSL which I suspect is the cause for the issue.


    Any pointers to resolve this?

  • 2.  Re: Export functionality not working
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    Posted 09-04-2014 06:26 AM

    Hi Chirag,


    If the tomcat with SSL was the only change, did you update the value of @NX_SERVLET_SERVER_URL in the NX.ENV file to http://hostname:8443 followed by recycling of SDM services? Export button uses this value.




  • 3.  Re: Export functionality not working

    Posted 09-05-2014 01:51 AM

    Thanks Naveen.

    Will check this out to ensure that it has no impact on other functionality.

  • 4.  Re: Export functionality not working

    Posted 09-05-2014 05:02 AM

    Hi Chirag,


    Not sure you applied cumulative patch or not.

    There are a test fix for the Export Utility so request the CA Technical Team for the test fix -T572350.




  • 5.  Re: Export functionality not working

    Posted 09-05-2014 01:25 PM



    Have you opened an official support issue yet?


    If not, please do so and ensure that you provide the .HIS file, the entire NX_ROOT\LOG directory and NX.ENV for analysis.


    In addition, when there is an issue with the export feature, do attachments still work?

  • 6.  Re: Export functionality not working

    Posted 09-08-2014 09:08 PM

    Hi Chirag,


    I was wondering how did you proceed on this.




  • 7.  Re: Export functionality not working

    Posted 09-08-2014 09:50 PM

    Hi Chirag,

    May be you could check these two variables and set the port number to 8443.


    @NX_SERVLET_SERVER_URL=https://<Server name>:8443


    @NX_LOCAL_SERVLET_SERVER_URL=http://<server name>:8443


    If you have a test environment then please make these changes on test environment first. Also confrm if you have applied Cumulative patches.


  • 8.  Re: Export functionality not working

    Posted 09-09-2014 02:40 AM

    Hi Chirag

    The NX_SERVLET_SERVER_URL is used to built the Export URL.

    1. What is the URL you are using to access ServiceDesk?

    2. What is the SSL port you configured?

    3. Let us know if the below two URLs are accessible?

        a. https://servername:SSLPORT/CAisd/PDMExport

        b. https://servername:SSLPORT/CAisd/html/export_file.html


    The first one should return a blank page, no error messages and the HTTP Status code 200, which is success while the second link should bring up a page with an hour glass. No functionality should be provided just to make

    sure that the URLs are accessible. The above mentioned URLs HAVE TO BE accessible in order for the export

    functionality to be working.

    If the above mentioned 2 links are working and the export functionality still fails then we will have to collect the Fiddler traces. Please open a Support Ticket to investigate it further.




  • 9.  Re: Export functionality not working

    Posted 09-19-2014 12:22 PM

    From my experience, updating the repository settings with the proper SSL servlet path should resolve the issue.

    An SDM admin can perform this and it shouldn't require a service restart to my knowledge. Updating NX.ENV directly may not be the first path you want to take and I would recommend opening a CA Support case before you go in that direction.


    To update your repositories with an SSL url, see the image below.  In this example I have IIS managing the application end user service over port 443 and am using Tomcat on SSL on port 4430 for Servicedesk, Knowledge, and Images.

    We often use port 8443 for Business Objects SSL connections.


    Hope this can help. Good luck!

    2014-09-19 12_06_10-Service Desk - CA Service Desk Manager.png

  • 10.  Re: Export functionality not working

    Posted 12-05-2018 01:08 PM

    The export function stopped working again. Before this I added an additional field to the export in list_in.htmpl. After that I got an error on the export window and it stopped. Later I removed the field from list_in.htmpl, but the export function didn't work has the same problem.


    Also the list view did not show up any data.Where as on the same window shows up for another scoreboard item. We didn't make any change on the scoreboard queries


    Can someone help what could have went wrong?

  • 11.  Re: Export functionality not working

    Posted 12-05-2018 07:58 PM



    I'm assuming you did a pdm_webcache already,  maybe empty out your browser cache and retry this again?



  • 12.  Re: Export functionality not working

    Posted 12-06-2018 10:00 AM

    Yeah, I tried the same but still we have the same issue. Only that scoreboard item is not working. That too page one don't show the incidents, when I navigate to page 2 it shows the list.