IUA/CA IDMS™ Technical Conference – Updated Agenda & Event Details! 

By Sheila Miller posted 03-23-2016 04:41 PM


Hello all – below please find an updated agenda along with details on our planned conference events for the upcoming IUA/CA IDMS™ Technical Conference being held in our CA Framingham, MA office May 16 – May 20, 2016.  PDF also attached.


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Don’t Miss Out - Register now to reserve your spot today!  The conference will feature Technical Education Sessions for CA IDMS customers with all levels of experience.  This is a fantastic forum to exchange knowledge and ideas with other CA IDMS customers as well as CA development, support and product management teams.


Hope to see you there! 


IUA/CA IDMS™ Technical Conference

Conference Events


Welcome Reception                                                          May 16th 5:30 – 8:00 PM


Join us for light fare and beverages to kick-off an exciting week of education and networking out on our CA Framingham office patio (or café depending upon weather)! 


Casino Night                                                                      May 17th 6:00 – 10:00 PM


Join us for a fun filled casino dinner event onsite at our CA Framingham office café where attendees can network while having fun playing black jack, Texas Hold’em, craps, and roulette. Not a gambler?  No problem!  Relax out on the patio and enjoy some delicious BBQ and beverages. 


Spirit of Boston Cruise                                                     May 19th 6:00 – 10:00 PM


Depart from CA @ 4:30/Board @ 6:00/Cruise 7:00 – 10:00.  Kick back. Relax. And enjoy the view while sampling dishes from a freshly prepared buffet.  Head topside and check out the sites.  Network. Show your moves on the dance floor. Cool off with a beverage.  Have Fun! 


Pre-conference Education Offerings


CA IDMS Database Maintenance                                    May 16th 1:00 – 5:30 PM


This course is designed to introduce the new Database Administrator (DBA) to database maintenance using CA IDMS/DB.  A DBA must be aware of the tasks they may be asked to perform against an existing CA IDMS database and be familiar with the tools available to perform these tasks.


SQL and Web Connectivity for CA IDMS                       May 16th 1:00 – 5:30 PM


This introductory session covers the relational SQL language and how SQL enables connectivity to CA IDMS data from Web, Java and Windows environments.  The session agenda covers SQL statements for retrieving and modifying data, CA IDMS SQL extensions, and enabling efficient data-driven web applications with this technology.


CA IDMS Performance and Tuning                                May 17th 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM


This course is designed to introduce the new Database Administrator (DBA) to how to analyze the performance of the CV and execute any necessary tuning so that they will be able to extract the best performance from their CV.


CA IDMS Database Navigation                                       May 17th 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM


This course focuses on the characteristics of the database and the effects of programming in this environment.  Students learn how to use navigational DML statements and navigate through a non-SQL database environment using data structures and currency.



Application Development Sessions


CA IDMS 19.0 SQL Enhancements for Modernization

Customers need to leverage their investment in CA IDMS to create new applications based on services in the application economy, and they need to do this with current technologies and developer skill sets. This session shows how SQL enhancements in CA IDMS 19.0 improve standards compliance, developer productivity, and compatibility with third party tools and applications.  The SQL virtual foreign key feature enables developers to use standard SQL to access and update network databases without the need to use network DML or table procedures.  Enhancements to SQL DDL enable users to define databases using standard DDL compatible with other databases.



CA IDMS 19.0 Web Services for Modernization

The vision of CA IDMS 19.0 is to improve CA IDMS modernization capabilities through features that enable customers to expand investments in core CA IDMS applications and improve developer productivity using modern skills and industry-standard technology.   This session discusses a CA IDMS 19.0 project to simplify integration of CA IDMS applications and Web services.



CA ADS Application Development

CA ADS is a group of application development tools originally designed to develop 3270 applications; the tools set is also 3270 based.  The tools can be used today to develop SQL procedures that can be initiated via client-based or web-based applications.  This session can serve as either an introduction or a refresher course for anyone needing to create or modify applications using the CA ADS family of tools.   



CA ADS Application Performance

The Advantage CA ADS family of tools is a powerful and fast way to create runtime applications.  Efficiency and performance are important considerations.  This class will discuss factors that affect runtime performance.  Agenda: CA ADS family of tools, global strategies, application coding strategies, locking strategies, and additional considerations.


Useful things to Know about CA Culprit

This session covers CA Culprit basics through to more advanced concepts.  Culprit parameters will be discussed and many key features will be shown by teaching through example.



Using CA IDMS SQL Procedures

This session will demonstrate my experiences with SQL procedures and how they are used from an application developer’s point of view.


Supercharge Your Application Development with CA IDMS and Popular Tools

Users need to enhance developer productivity as they leverage and extend their investment in CA IDMS.  Hibernate is a popular open source object to relational mapping framework for developing Java applications that access and store objects in relational databases.  CA Test Data Manager (TDM), formerly known as Grid Tools, generates sophisticated sets of test data from relational databases for robust application testing.   This session shows how CA IDMS 19.0 SQL enhancements and CA IDMS Server can improve developer productivity by enabling application development and testing with Hibernate and CA TDM for both relational and network databases. 


Cognos Business Analytics and CA IDMS Integration at Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County led the way as a CA IDMS validation customer, successfully extracting information from a CA IDMS network database using IBM Cognos Business Analytics. Miami-Dade County stores the majority of their critical data, such as Criminal Justice, Payroll, Traffic and Building information in CA IDMS mainframe databases and traditionally extracts this data using CA IDMS tools (CA ADS and IDMS/COBOL).  With the collaboration of CA, IBM, and Miami-Dade County a driver was created for IBM Cognos to extract this data directly into Business Analytics without the need for exporting the data to a relational data warehouse structure.


Modernizing CA ADS Applications

At our shop, CA ADS modules are taking on a new role as callable business logic in an SQL procedure. In this session we cover the new architecture for driving and running SQL procedures and how we’ve reorganized CA ADS code for this usage.


Using Java to Access Your CA IDMS Databases and Applications

Many users are focused on developing new applications in Java, but still have a large investment in CA IDMS databases and applications.  This session shows how you can use JDBC and SQL to leverage your CA IDMS databases and business logic from your Java applications.  It includes an overview of Java programming concepts and JDBC for those new to Java, as well as more advanced topics for more experienced users.



Database Administration Sessions



The CA IDMS REORG utility is designed to unload and reload a user’s database.  This presentation describes the concept employed to reduce the length of time required to accomplish this type of operation and identifies the phases, tasks, and dataset usage employed by REORG.



CA IDMS Index Tuning

Attendees will learn the physical characteristics that can be assigned to CA IDMS indexes and how they impact processing efficiency. They will also become familiar with the CA IDMS utilities that can be used to monitor the health of indexes and those that can be used to tune existing index structures.



IDMS 1211 Recovery Techniques

This session discusses a variety of techniques for recovering from an “out of space” condition (IDMS Error Status 1211) including when and how to use EXTEND SPACE, the EXPAND PAGE Utility and how to unload and reload your database.



Recovery Techniques for the New DBA

This session focuses on the procedures and utilities that a CA IDMS Database Administrator can use to identify and correct a database integrity problem.  Attendees learn the recovery methods available and when they are appropriate to use.  Also covered are techniques for preventing integrity problems.  Attend this sessions if you are responsible for the integrity of your shop’s database.



Restructuring a CA IDMS Database

This session focuses on the procedures and utilities that a CA IDMS Database Administrator can use to identify and correct a database integrity problem.  Attendees learn the recovery methods available and when they are appropriate to use.  Also covered are techniques for preventing integrity problems.  Attend this sessions if you are responsible for the integrity of your shop’s database.



CA IDMS Deadlock Analysis

This session provides an explanation of the locking process and the potential deadlock situations that may happen.  The material presents the messages generated when a deadlock occurs and their use in identifying the underlying cause of the deadlock scenario. Finally some general application design recommendations are discussed to minimize the occurrences of deadlocks.



Point and Click Administration with Visual DBA

Attend this session to see how you can use a single, user-friendly interface to manage and monitor all of your CA IDMS Central Versions (CVs). Learn how to exploit its GUI capabilities to avoid coding JCL and memorizing syntax. New and veteran DBAs can benefit from the productivity features available in CA IDMS Visual DBA.



Tools for Monitoring and Tuning your CA IDMS/DC System

This high level overview focuses on tools that can be used to monitor and tune CA IDMS/DB and CA IDMS/DC systems to meet SLAs and other performance goals.


Attend this session to learn more about the benefits of CA IDMS Performance Monitor, CA Mainframe Application Tuner, and CA SYSVIEW and the value they provide in your environment.

General Interest Sessions


CA IDMS Roadmap Review

This session covers CA IDMS release status and a review of features that address customer centric needs around service enablement, business continuity, and total cost of ownership.   We encourage an open exchange of ideas about how CA IDMS can help your organization to meet your business requirements. 



A Closer Look at CA IDMS 19.0 and its Benefits

CA IDMS 19.0 for z/OS is targeted for delivery in 2016. In this session, find out how this release extends the usefulness of CA IDMS with new features based on customer requests improved high availability, and expanded access to web and modern development features.



Organizations are facing a growing skill concern as retirement is reducing their available technical workforce. This reduction of skilled employees represents a loss in the library of knowledge used to keep their mission critical CA IDMS systems up and running.  Attend this session and learn how the CA IDMS M3A service provides organizations with a simple way to augment and enhance their resources to support their CA IDMS environments.



Ideation: Customer Driven Requirements

The CA Communities Ideation “Ideas” portal allows IUA/EIUA community members to voice product-specific ideas with the ability for all members to promote, demote, and comment on all ideas posted.  As ideas are promoted, their scores increase, allowing CA Technologies to rank which suggestions and requests are considered most important to community members.  Ideas can be enhancements to existing products or entirely new features. Comments on each idea are also important so a variety of customers can note benefits or concerns of the idea, and note value or additional considerations.   This session sets the stage for our Live Idea interactive session on the final day of the conference.



Live Ideation

This session includes time for live ideation where you can discuss the ideas introduced during the conference.



CA IDMS Product Documentation has Evolved!

Our product documentation needed a revolutionary change.  CA’s response was DocOps! 


This session will explain:


WHY we are doing this for you

• HOW     it solves your feedback

• WHAT   you get out of it


CA IDMS Birds of a Feather (BOF)

Come participate in an open discussion of CA IDMS topics with CA technical staff, product management and CA IDMS customers. This is a great opportunity to talk directly with the staff that develops and supports CA IDMS as well as to network with other CA IDMS users and benefit from their experiences.



Meet the Staff

The IUA/CA IDMS Technical conference is being held in the Framingham office which is the main development center for CA IDMS. This is a great opportunity to meet with the all the staff members including product management, development and sustaining engineering.