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Customer White Paper: Mainframe Computing Provides Customer Value and Economies of Scale

By Lenn Thompson posted 05-16-2016 11:23 AM


Good morning and happy Monday! I just wanted to let you know about a new customer white paper that I thought you might find interesting. It covers The State of Oregon, Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) and how ETS was able to deliver 15% more services at 20% lower cost.


In the application economy, practically everyone consumes technology and most every company and government agency is in the software business. Strategic, responsive decisions are impacting IT infrastructure performance, reliability and scalability—including the security of the data we all rely upon. Making the best choices can empower your organization to act quickly and strategically, and surpass competitors.


By successfully managing its mainframe platform, the State of Oregon ETS has sparked the interest of other governments in partnering with or buying IT services from Oregon ETS. If such results can happen in an organization without profit motives, imagine the potential impact to your enterprise, including greater transactional density and economies of scale that create additional revenue and cost savings.


Learn how ETS educates buyers and customers on the critical role of mainframe IT operations and the proven value it provides