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Mainframe & Modern Software Delivery

By Su Brude posted 12-18-2017 04:54 PM


We at CA want to learn from you! 


We want to get insights from you on how mainframe and distributed systems and teams work together in your organization.


When you help us better understand your organization, we will send you a link to a series of educational videos that introduces you to virtualization and automated testing functionality for mainframe that has its roots in distributed systems.

Just click the link below to start the survey.  It should take no more than 5 minutes of your time to complete.


Thanks for your help!


Survey Link: Mainframe & Modern Software Delivery



01-09-2018 10:16 AM

Thanks Su

01-08-2018 01:43 PM

Phil, In general, the survey covers how, if at all, client-server/web/mobile applications and their teams work with the mainframe solutions and teams. 


We are most curious about:

  • the use of CICS programs as well as IMS and the interfaces between them and client-server/web/mobile applications
  • the tools used for data storage on the mainframe
  • test automation for mainframe solutions
  • test data for mainframe solutions
  • how the teams work together across the organization


The questions are basic, feel free to open the survey and walk through it, answer what you can and forward the link to others that you feel could answer other areas better.


Hope this helps!


01-08-2018 09:23 AM

Would it be possible to post the survey questions as a comment on this post?  This will help to determine who would be best at responding to the survey at my company.  Thanks!

01-05-2018 05:46 PM

Hello DevOps Community Members!  



I wanted to be sure you were all aware that this post includes a link to a DevOps survey.  We are very interested to learn about the state of DevOps in your organization.  If you can spare about 5 minutes [I know, I know... we just wrapped up our Product surveys and you all were very generous with your time, but this is different!  We are including links to videos of some cool technology in exchange for your time - it's like a gift].  


Thanks for your consideration.  As always, we appreciate your time, your insight, and your candid feedback.

DevOps Community Members Rock!


Thanks for posting this DevOps survey Susan.


Best regards,