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Upcoming Cumulative - 14.1.04

By CarolPiccus posted 06-26-2017 03:21 PM


Dear Community Member,


As noted in my post Updated Approach to Defect Resolution Process , we are in the process of testing the 14.1.04 cumulative for the CA Service Management suite. We anticipate this to be available early July and will publish an announcement when it is available to be downloaded.


This cumulative will be applicable to any version/patch level of 14.1 that you have installed and applies to the following products: Service Desk Manager, ITAM (Asset Portfolio Management), Catalog, Unified Self-Service, and xFlow.


The attached documents contain a tentative list of fixes to be included in the cumulative. The final list of fixes will be published within the wiki when the cumulative update is published.


Please be sure to review the appropriate attached documents so that you can begin plans for applying the 14.1.04 cumulative in your environments.


Thank you!

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06-26-2017 04:44 PM

Thank you for the update Carol!

Upcoming Cumulative - 14.1.04