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12 Days of CA APM - Day 12 : Refined Analytics

By spyderjacks posted Dec 19, 2014 09:06 AM


"On the twelfth day of APM 9.7, the CA Team gave to me… Refined Analytics "


We started singing the 12 days of APM song on December 8th when we announced the release of  CA APM 9.7  and plan to sing for 12 days until the CA APM 9.7 software is generally available to download on December 19th  . On this 12th day, let me talk about the new CookBook for Tuning the ABA Configuration


You've seen some snippets over the last few months and now it is all compiled and polished as another cookbook on your shelf of APM Best Practices, and for ready consumption by your customers (internal and external).



A Configuration Tuningis a structured review of the settings and performance, with the goal of optimizing the capability of various components of your APM solution.  This Configuration Tuning is focused on the ABA component of the APM solution.

The processes discussed are appropriate for client practitioners, pre-sales and services consultants.  You will want to have a good understanding of using the APM Workstation: navigation, searches and management module editing.  You should also have good skills in keeping track of your work with NotePad and SpreadSheet.



A Configuration Tuning may be completed in a few hours or may take a week or more, depending on the frequency that you can introduce configuration changes to the production environment, after some allowance for the metric stream to be re-established.  As the ABA component is a subscriber to the metrics stream, production changes should be straightforward as no application or agent configuration is being impacted.   Earlier versions may require a restart of the CA APM MOM but this is no longer necessary from APM 9.6 as the Analytics.properties files, which contains the ABA configuration, is now a ‘hot’ property.



Completing a Configuration Tuning is important to the long-term success of an APM initiative and to ensure the intended operation of the ABA component.  Tuning of the APM configuration is often a significant gap which you can help the customer overcome.

§  Confirm correct operation and potential solution capacity

§  Uncover significant KPIs for the client application environment

§  Tailor the ABA Configuration specific to the client application environment

§  Understand how to reliably employ the new visibility is diagnosing application performance problems


Reading these adventures, by the fire, surrounded by family, and feeling the excitement as the various threads, observations and experiments come together - and a ready download of APM 97 - what could make your holiday brighter??


Well, let the spirits of the season take hold ...


... because as a holiday gift to you, I would like to give away 25 copies of my APM best practices eBook . APM Best Practices: Realizing Application Performance Management   This will establish reliable application performance management (APM) practices—to demonstrate value, to do it quickly, and to adapt to the client circumstances.  It is the foundation to an effective and sustainable practice with APM.


The Book will help you discover how to:

·        Justify an application performance management investment tailored to the realities of your corporate culture.

·        Manage the evaluation and selection of a monitoring solution.

·        Learn and implement techniques to schedule and supervise the initial and successive deployments of APM technology with consistent, predictable, and reliable practices.

·        Develop a catalog of services to guide the evolution of the monitoring initiative, as investment or critical incidents present themselves.

·        Learn and master the basic and advanced techniques in employing APM technology to address application performance and overall software quality.


Take advantage of this special offer to improve your own APM proficiency!                         (click the book!)


APM Best Practices.jpg



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