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12 Days of CA APM - Day 3:  Mobile App Analytics

By Srikant_Noorani posted 12-10-2014 09:17 AM


"On the third day of APM 9.7, the CA Team gave to me… Mobile Application Analytics (MAA)"


Well by now you must all have heard or read the article from Marc Andreessen (founder Netscape) “ Why Software is Eating The World” where he talks about the growing importance of applications in todays world. He talks about how more and more businesses and industries are being run on software and delivered as online services. We also saw this theme being re-emphasized in this year’s CA World where CA Technologies CEO Mike Gregoire and others talked about the application economy.  An increasing trend of the app economy is how people use mobile app to access content and how companies are increasingly delivering information on the mobile devices. I was reading an article where they were talking about global revenues from apps touching 26 billion a rise of more than 44% since last year and some even suggests this going up 10 folds in next couple of years. Wow!! That’s huge and in today’s world it’s very hard to imagine an enterprise without a mobile strategy or a mobile presence.


With mobile becoming such a key player in the overall company’s success it is only natural that organizations ensure that their app provides the best possible experience to their users. Organizations not only need to understand how the app is behaving but also what their user’s behavior is when using their mobile apps. Some of the key questions around this are how many times users downloaded your newly released app, how much time users are spending on your mobile app and what part of the mobile app is used the most. You as an organization need to know if the app is experiencing a crash or performance issue and if it is then is it because of app itself, carrier, OS or something in the backend. You see, without all these information you are totally blind to your most important revenue source, i.e. your users and customers.


CA Mobile App Analytics (MAA) is designed to precisely answer these questions

  • Who is using our apps?
  • Where and when are the apps used?
  • What are my users doing with our apps?
  • What is their user experience like?
  • Can I help user get more value?



CA MAA provides

  • Deep Visibility:  Complete view into mobile apps
    • Extend operations view into mobile apps & infrastructure
  • Rapid Analysis: From mobile infrastructure to mobile device
    • Identify issues at 30,000 ft view, drill to microscopic app-level detail
  • Actionable Analytics:  By app, region, carrier, device or users
    • Reveal specific analytics data based on multiple variables



MAA Dashboard




It’s been developed keeping your entire team in mind

  • Business Analysts: Get access to powerful dashboards analytics helping to drive adoption and make informed changes
  • Operations Team: Have real-time performance insights, health and availability from Mobile end users perspective in multi-device ecosystem
  • Developers:  supports various development platform and is available for Android and iOS. Provides access to root causes with code level visibility helping them build better applications
  • Support team: collects real-time feedback that reduces the time to identify and resolve any customer issues
  • Secure cloud based or on Premise: connect a SaaS based secure and audited offering with no Capex requirement and minimal integration costs.



Crash Analysis



With CA MAA your mobile app now integrates with CA Application Performance Management (APM) and provides transactional view. Imagine you are an e-commerce enterprise running a huge promotion during Black Friday shopping season. You would want to understand and have complete knowledge of how various business transactions like login, search, checkout etc. are performing. If there are any backend issues on the application server side you would want to know before hand and take corrective action proactively.


With CA APM integrated with CA MAA you now have a complete end to end visibility of your mobile app and mobile infrastructure (MAA) to your application backend (APM) letting you know precisely how your mobile app along with various business transactions are performing.



Complete End-to-End View





And if there are specific transaction issues then providing you with deep visibility allowing you to get to the root cause quickly



Line of Code Causing the issue




With CA MAA-APM you get best of both worlds - deep insight into your mobile infrastructure and user behavior along with complete end-to-end visibility of your application transactions and their performance.  CA MAA-APM Integration truly brings CA’s vision of Mobile to Mainframe into reality.

Ps: Please visit for MAA trial.


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