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NSX Multisite 101 ToI

By Dimitri Desmidt posted May 20, 2024 06:07 PM

NSX Multisite solution is perfect for customers who want a "Smaller NSX Management Footprint" (with only 3x NSX Mgr VMs for all their locations), and accept a "DR Recovery Procedure with few more requirements or steps".
Note: For other use cases: NSX Federation.
This NSX Multisite 101 ToI highlights NSX MultiSite capabilities including the latest enhancements, what is NSX Multisite, NSX Multisite Capabilities, and recorded demos.
For deeper information, we also offer the "NSX Federation Multi-Location Design Guide (Federation + Multisite)".
Also FYI, VMworld 2019 had a public session presenting NSX Multisite "NSX-T Design for Multi-Site [CNET1334BU]" Recording + Deck.