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Clarity Customer Newsletter (June 2024)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted 22 days ago


2024 Value Stream Management Summit: In Case You Missed it (Online summit)
The fourth annual Value Stream Management Summit is packed with great advice from Forrester and customers like Southern Company, Cox Automotive and London Stock Exchange Group. Start making waves and energize your digital transformation with the power of VSM. 

What's New in Clarity 16.2.2? (Webcast)
People-centric planning with Clarity will bring the entire organization together under one set of value metrics. The resource manager is now added as another perspective to the investment manager. This will allow an even greater understanding of people's relationships and what they are working on. Join us for the latest innovations in Clarity.

Clarity Relationship Explorer (Webcast)
Building the right team for a task is hard. You have investment managers on one hand, and resource managers on the other, pulling staff in different directions. With the new Relationship Explorer in Clarity by Broadcom, you can see where a resource sits in the organization, who funds her, the weight of her workload, etc. Come join us for a quick overview of the new Resource Explorer.

Governing Innovation with People-Centric Planning (Blog)
Old project-based approaches to enterprise planning are inefficient and wasteful, and are fundamentally misaligned with modern technologies and realities. In this blog, ValueOps Chief Transformation Officer Laureen Knudsen explains how people-centric strategic portfolio planning helps unite business and IT under one set of metrics. It's the only way to take charge of your digital transformation.

What Is People-Centric Planning? (White paper)
Stuck in our old ways of doing things, some of us have fallen behind the demands of modern technology. While consumer apps set the tempo for innovation, we in the enterprise are still funding work like it's a project. This is part of the reason 70% of digital innovation initiatives fail to deliver value. Learn how People-Centric Planning with Clarity helps you unify business and IT teams, goals and outcomes under one set of metrics. Get the detailed white paper with use cases and real examples.