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Clarity Customer Newsletter (Jan. 2024)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Feb 05, 2024 01:39 PM


From Projects to Products: Your Digital Transformation Hack (Webcast)
When facing a digital transformation, as most companies are today, funding individual projects just won't cut it. There's no real-time visibility, or close to it. No alignment between order and delivery. And no real understanding of the value, if any, the enterprise investments yield. If this sounds familiar, join Head of Clarity Product Management, Brian Nathanson, for a quick overview on how to start the transition from project management to product management.

People-Centric Planning: Doing SPM the Right Way (Webcast)
With Gartner claiming the 70% digital transformation failure rate is due to “the absence of a strategic portfolio management approach,” Broadcom is helping companies reimagine the PMO with new ways of working. Instead of overseeing delivery execution, the PMO needs to start tracking value realization. Best way to do that is to measure both IT and business teams with one set of metrics. Come see how you can break down silos and unify the enterprise with value streams.

Make Workforce Planning Easy With a Top-Down Approach (Webcast)
Ditch the top-down drama of 2024's workforce planning. Join our webcast and discover a simpler, data-driven framework for 2025. Align your portfolio with business goals, no more spreadsheets or stress. Leave the old scars behind and navigate the investment planning process with confidence. Register now and say goodbye to planning pandemonium!

Clarity and Rally Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace (News)
We are pleased to announce that several Broadcom software products are now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, including Clarity and Rally. This provides Google Cloud customers with access to market-leading value stream management via a simplified procurement process and consolidated billing with their Google Cloud account.