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  • 1.  Using the USB device

    Posted Mar 05, 2021 02:30 PM

    Hi all,

    I have ESXi v7 with a Win2016 server setup.  I want to use the USB device but I don't see how.  Is this a virtual or a physical device?

    If physical, it doesn't see the USB drive inserted into the 3.1 slot.

    If virtual, how do I load data into the virtual device so that the Server sees it?




  • 2.  RE: Using the USB device

    Posted Mar 05, 2021 03:09 PM

    The USB controller will allow the VM to "see" USB devices, but you also need to add the USB device itself. The VM will need to reside on the host that physically has the USB device plugged into it. Then, add a new device of "Host USB Device" and this should present a drop-down list of available USB devices that are presented to the host itself.



  • 3.  RE: Using the USB device

    Posted Mar 05, 2021 03:25 PM

    So, there is already a USB device configured (see original post image).  I get an error when I try to add a new USB Controller.  This VM is on the ESXi host and controlled by the ESXi control panel.  I don't see anywhere in the control panel to add a host usb device.

  • 4.  RE: Using the USB device

    Posted Mar 07, 2021 02:40 AM

    Unless I'm missing something, the image you posted only shows the USB Controller. The USB Controller is what allows the VM to see/use USB devices. That's comparable to adding a NIC card to the VM with no IP and expecting to get online. 

    1) You have the controller added, make sure that VMTools are installed on the VM.

    2) Make sure that your host supports USB3.1, if not, knock the controller down to USB2.0.

    3) Plug your USB device into the host that the VM is on, and you'll need to add the Host USB Device.

    4) If the host recognizes the USB device, you'll see it available to add from t a drop-down list after you add the Host USB Device. In your snapshot you should "Add other device", and you should have a USB Device option.