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  • 1.  Host connection failure

    Posted Dec 07, 2021 11:34 AM

    Hi all,

    I have these 2 errors on my ESXi, they happened at the same time.

    I haven't found a solution.

    you can find more details in the images below :




    Best regards,

  • 2.  RE: Host connection failure

    Posted Dec 09, 2021 07:39 AM

    Hey ,

    Basically, vCenter lost connectivity with your ESXi.

    Could you please share with us the extract from the vpxd.log / vpxa.log / hostd.log. Have you checked if the network connectivity was still in place when this happened? Were there any changes?

  • 3.  RE: Host connection failure
    Best Answer

    Posted Dec 09, 2021 08:04 AM


    there was a network failure at that time.
    the problem is solved


    Best regards,