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esxi test management network ping ipv4 failed

  • 1.  esxi test management network ping ipv4 failed

    Posted 28 days ago
    Edited by Duncan Epping 27 days ago

    I have read through numerous boards, watched numerous videos.... none can answer me yet.

    I have been gifted a Dell Power Edge R710 and have re-installed the 6.5 Version of VMWare 

    I have followed all the steps of entering a static IP for IPv4 (which test OK and so does the HOST)

    Left IPv6 disabled, left the LAN alone, 

    when setting the DNS as ANYTHING in the 192.168.1.xx it does not pass the PING test in the TEST MNGT NETWORK  of the ESXI SYSTEM CONFIGURATION. 

    I am using an Edgeswitch as the network switcher

    I have the Promise Vess R2600i hooked up and can see it at & on other computers on the network.

    I can access the Admin controls of the VESS  and see there are files there to set permissions there but cannot access the files. My line of thinking is getting the Dell set as the server and once the VM is active I can utilize the NAS.

    But my main question is How to get the DNS to be correct and able to see these from my other computers.

    I already have one NAS on the Network and can see it from any browser or Explorer window. 

    When I type in to Explorer window I get an empty folder with no options.

    Any help or direction is apprecitated.