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Nolio Official KB: Where are the log files stored? What do they do? 

Jul 08, 2014 02:14 PM

Below you can find the location of the commonly used logs that can assist you troubleshooting Nolio issues    
This is their purpose
1.        NAC startup sequence.
2.       DB connectivity
3.       License details
4.       Amount of agents that connected to each NES and unreachable agents.
5.       Status of processes execution
6.       Logged in users
7.       Details about design and publish activities
  • Nolio_document.log - contain information about processes that exported to xml document
  • Nolio_export.log- contain information about components/applications that imported/exported to/from the system
  • Nolio_auditing.log - contain all design and administration changes (Note that audit report need to be enable)
  • Installation.log - summery of system installation (NAC, NES and NA)
  • Installation.log.* - summery of system upgrade from previous version (NAC or NES)
  • Agent_upgrade.log - summery of agents upgrade
  • Nimi.log
1.       Information regarding communication between NAs and NES  such as handshake activity
2.       Network topology (NA and NES versions, ID IP's etc..)
3.       Information regarding parameters values and files that transfers between NAs.
     Execution.log and Nolio_exec_all.log
1.       Information regarding execution events and parameters that transfers between NA’s NES and NAC.
2.       Remote agent installations logging
  • Nolio_all.log: all NA activity except the network layer (Stored in nimi.log).
  • Nolio_action_exe.log: specific information about actions executions and their result
  • Nolio_app_all.log: Information regarding user specific login, design and execution activities.


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