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List of issues with CA support & communities 

Apr 20, 2018 05:49 AM

If you identify a problem that is not already documented here, please post it in a comment here: Issues with CA support & communities 


1.Ability to rearrange➠ In progress

Idea: CA Support – Case Management: Ability to rearrange columns.

2.Ability to choose which columns to display (e.g., Product, Version, Environment, etc.)➠ In progressIdea: CA Support – Case Management: Ability to choose which columns to display.
3.Ability to attach files immediately when opening an➠ In progress

Idea: CA Support – Case Management: Add file attachments when opening a new case.

4.Session timeout too short / User must log in again frequently. The site needs a Remember me➠ In progress

Idea: CA Support: Add ‘Remember me’ option.

5.Emails copied to Case Comments should not include email headers, boilerplate, salutations, extraneous blank lines, or the entire original problem description. Case comments should be succinct, and should be limited to only the actual content that is important to answering the question or resolving the➠ In progressIdea: Updates to support tickets should be limited to new information relevant to the ticket.
6.When CA has confirmed that a problem is due to a software bug, CA should provide the customer with the details of the problem, the fix, any work-arounds, etc.CA support process Answered

Navigate to My AccountProfileShow my notifications. There you can choose the product(s) about which you would like to receive notifications, as well as the kind(s) of notification. 

7.When a serious bug is found, CA Support should automatically notify all potentially affected customers.CA support process AnsweredSee item #6, above.
8.Frequently-used buttons like Add Comment and Manage File Attachments should be moved to the top of the➠ In progress

Idea: CA Support – Case Management: move frequently-used buttons to top of ‘Case details’ 

9.No way to create a URL based on the ticket number. Related to AnsweredSee this comment.
10.Accidentally dismissing Add Comment window discards any content that has been entered in the➠ In progressIdea: CA Support – Case Management: Preserve unsubmitted content of ‘Add Comment’ box. 
11.Links to incidents at do not automatically redirect to the corresponding incidents at, but only to the main CA support site✘ Will not fix

The original Automic support site will ultimately be removed, and there are no plans to make updates to it. Therefore, any links to incidents at the old site will remain broken.

12.No way to perform free-text search of all support cases. Related to➠ In progress

CA Support – Case Management: free-text search of all support cases.

13.Content of emails sent by CA Automic staff missing from Case Resolved

Resolved 2018.04.30.

14.Cannot modify or save posts containing more than 50➠ In progressE.g., this post.
15.Surrounding spaces removed from some styled text➠ In progressE.g., this post.
16.Links to ideas at were not updated to point to migrated ideas at Resolved

Resolved 2018.04.19.

See these examples.

17.Oftentimes, clicking My Cases in the toolbar takes one to the New Case view instead of the My Cases➠ In progress

This is a known issue that is being worked on.

18.Reputation and accomplishment stats not carried over from


Resolved 2018.04.20.

See this comment.

19.Some emails sent regarding cases are plain text, lacking both formatting and a link to the➠ In progressSee this comment.
20.Case status is often incorrect; e.g., a case is marked User action required even though the case is actually waiting on action by CA support AnsweredThis was caused by the accidental use of the wrong template by CA.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
21.If the user resumes working with in an open browser window after the session has timed-out, the situation is not handled➠ In progress

This is a known issue that is being worked on.

22.Problems handling email addresses with a plus sign in the user❓ UnknownSee urama01’s comment.
23.In ideas migrated from, links to discussions on were not updated to point to the migrated discussions on This is very similar to problem Answered

Such links should now redirect to the migrated discussion.

24.@-Mention menu does not provide very good Answered

The @mention will search for all that fit the inputted pattern and as user input more of the username/names, the system will further narrow down.  An underscore "_" can be used for spaces to further narrow down (firstname_lastname..) the pattern.  See comment.

25.In ideas migrated from, German umlauts (and perhaps other special characters) were not handled➠ In progressSee Carsten Schmitz’s comment.
26.Ability to list more than 10 cases at➠ In progressIdea: CA Support – Case Management: Ability to display more than 10 cases at once 
27.Watch list feature for subscribing to updates to cases opened/owned by someone❓ Unknown

Idea: CA Support – Case Management: Watch list for subscribing to case updates 

See Alwin Theil’s comment.

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