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Layer7 Appliance Migration with Ansible 

May 20, 2020 01:40 PM

Want to automate the migration of your 9.4 Layer7 Red Hat Appliances with Ansible?   The ansible-gateway-migration release 1.1.0 is here and can help simplify the process! 

Here are a couple of videos to help get started with your migration.

Setup and configuration of Layer7 gateway migration Ansible playbooks. Playbooks include role to run a pre-upgrade analyzer on the source Gateways and generate output report. After reading the resulting pre-upgrade analyzer report, back up the Gateway and Linux configuration files, plus Gateway assertions using ssgbackup. Finally back up and export the source Gateway's SSG database and OTK database (co-located on appliance).

A continuation video to configure replication on the new Layer7 appliance v10 cluster, run auto-provision playbook on all nodes using the same passwords as the source gateway and import the prior exported source Gateway SSG & OTK database into the target v10 cluster. Finally run the Gateway license installer, restart and finally validate services and SSL certificates with the expected hostname.

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