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How do I speed up getting my post approved? 

Dec 27, 2021 12:46 PM

A common question is "How do I speed up getting my post approved?"

The number one issue facing our Community Managers and Moderators is chasing down your email address.   The first thing we do is look at the domain of your account.   If it is a corporate domain approving your post is much easier especially if we recognize the domain.   If not it takes a minute to load into search and see if it is a disposable domain.

Using Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or other free email addresses is tough to validate you are not a SPAMMER.    Please use your corporate domain for your account.   It's easy to do if you have a support portal account where everything syncs across the support portal, community, learning portal, etc.

if you have two accounts, one using your corporate domain and a second with a free email just for the community.  I can help merge them so you are using just your corporate domain for your email.

Reach out via Direct Message  @Jason McClellan

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