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FAQ: Changes in the Infrastructure Management & Security Communities 

Dec 17, 2016 03:49 PM

What happened?

We added subspaces for certain products and product groups to the CA Infrastructure Management and CA Security Communities. Also, the Infrastructure Management Community is sporting a new layout and design. The new layout will be coming to the Security Community early next year (ETA: February 2017).



The Community is all about YOU! We did this to improve the member experience and make it easier to find the things that are important to you. Also, the community is so active these days, that we thought it was time to separate some of our top products into their own spaces. 


Who is we?

Community Managers MelissaPotvin and kristen.palazzolo (with some help from SamCreek) did it all on Saturday, December 17, 2016.


Which products were affected by the migration of content?


Why do I have so many notifications in my inbox?

We apologize for the inconvenience. When content is migrated, the activity on that piece of content is also updated. If you were following a piece of content, commented on a piece of content, bookmarked a piece of content or voted on an idea that was migrated, you most likely received a notification in your inbox. We turned off email notifications during the migration, but were unable to turn off inbox notifications within as well as the Jive app for mobile devices.  You can easily mark all messages in your jive inbox as read, there is a 'mark all read' option at the top.


Why do I see old content in the recent activity feed?

As mentioned above, the migration updated the activity on all migrated content. Until a newer update is posted to that piece of content, the most recent activity will show as December 17, 2016. We recommend sorting content by creation date if you are looking for recently posted content for the next few weeks. 


What happened to eHealth?

CA eHealth is now a category in the CA Performance Management Community. Read more here: What's New in the Performance Management Community 


What happened to the PIM (ControlMinder) Community?

CA Privileged Identity Manager is now a category in the CA Privileged Access Management Community. Read more here: Welcome to the *NEW* CA Privileged Access Management Community! 


Why am I not receiving email announcements from my community anymore?

You'll need to Follow the new subspaces in order to receive email announcements from them. Learn more about following here: Following 


I authored a piece of content but no longer see it, where did it go?

If you authored a piece of content and assigned that piece of content to multiple product categories initially, it might have wound up in the wrong location (community) during the migration.  For example, if you are looking for a piece of content that you would expect to find in the Spectrum community, but can't find it, you might check the Infrastructure Management community.  If you find it there, you can edit the post and change the location (see screenshot).  You can also contact your community manager and we will help you!

You can find an old  piece of content by using the search navigation at the top right of the community OR by searching under your avatar under "your content" You can then search for items you either authored or participated in.


I followed the new communities, but now I'm receiving A TON of email notifications. How do I fix this?

There's a difference between following a community and following via your community inbox. After Following a community, click the Following button again to see your options. You will see the drop-down menu below appear (which will appear to have other options depending on your custom stream configuration).

If you want to simply follow a community so that it shows in your news feed, make sure the "Following" box is checked and the "Inbox" option is unchecked. If you'd like to receive email notifications for ALL content posted to this community, check the "Inbox" option as well.


I have feedback about the new communities. Who should I contact?

Please contact kristen.palazzolo with any feedback you might have about these changes.




Additional Resources:

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