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Storage Networks

How to Drive High-Throughput Over Distance

by Scott Shimomura on ‎08-10-2015 07:00 AM (11,036 Views)

The advanced performance and network optimization features of the Brocade 7840 Extension Switch enable replication and backup applications to send more data over metro and WAN links in less time, and optimize available WAN bandwidth. Supporting up to 250ms Round-Trip Time (RTT) latency, the Brocade Extension Switch enables cost-effective extension solutions over distances up to 37,500 kilometers (23,400 miles).


The Brocade 7840 maximizes replication and backup throughput over distance using data compression, disk and tape protocol acceleration, WAN-optimized TCP, and other extension networking technologies. Advanced features and technologies include:

  • IPsec
  • Unparalleled, extremely efficient architecture
  • WAN-optimized TCP
  • Streams
  • PerPriority TCP Quality of Service (PTQ)
  • Extension Trunking
  • Lossless Link Loss (LLL)
  • Failover/failback with failover groups
  • Adaptive Rate Limiting.
  • Advanced compression architecture
  • FCIP Fast Write (FCIP-FW)
  • Open Systems Tape Pipelining (OSTP)
  • Advanced Accelerator for FICON


Product Manager Truls Myklebust and Andy Dooley of the engineering team discuss technical details of how to drive high-throughput over distance, including architecture, encryption and WAN optimized TCP.