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Storage Networks

Brocade and Partners Working Together to Put Customers First

by DennisMSmith on ‎10-12-2015 09:00 AM (12,825 Views)

We recently recorded a series of videos at VMworld US 2015 with a few of our partners to talk about why the network is important when it comes to storage. When going back and watching these videos one statement stands out. Jerimiah Dooley, Principal Architect for SolidFire, says “Of all the customers that use SolidFire today, how many of the end users, ones that are using the applications, know what switch vendor is providing connectivity? The answer is none of them.” He goes on to say they should never know because when everything is working properly they don’t care. However, as soon as something doesn’t work the way it’s designed everyone will know which vendor is to blame. This is one of the most important reasons programs like Brocade’s Solid State Ready program (SSR) are in place to make sure the integration between the storage and the network infrastructure is as seamless as possible and has been validated by both companies.


We are beginning to see to more and more companies push business-critical storage workloads through legacy networks attached to flash storage. The lack of infrastructure planning often leads to lack of predictable performance and can lead to loss of revenue. Through the Brocade’s SSR program, we work with storage vendors to validate the interoperability of the storage network to optimize performance and increase reliability. By utilizing customer feedback Brocade has come up with a series of comprehensive tests for these storage and network solutions. Now customers have the confidence that when they deploy their solid state devices in a Brocade network it will work. By doing this we give them ability to focus their time on solving their business objectives.


Be sure to take a few minutes and listen to what a few of our partners have to say. If your headed to VMworld Europe, stop by the Brocade booth and learn more about the SSR program and what it means for you. As always feel free to join the Brocade community to continue the conversation!


*sorry for the background noise in some of the videos*


SolidFire and Brocade partnership Overview at VMworld 2015





Infinidat Solutions Overview from VMworld 2015



Pure Storage FlashArray//m Overview at VMworld 2015