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  • Did you miss the March 2023 Office Hours? Watch the replay now.

    The product management team held Office Hours for ITMS on March 8, 2023. During this session, the team discussed what’s new in ITMS 8.7.  If you missed this event, or just want to relive the magic again, the replay video has been posted to YouTube.  

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  • Thank you very much, it works great!

  • GSS 3.3 RU10 will work with any WinPE version up to an including WinPE 11 22H2. You should be fine with 2004. Source : Platform Support Ghost Solution Suite 3.3 ------------------------------ Elvis Rowe Computer Facilities Supervisor University ...

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  • Hi all, Someone noticed that an NTFS partition is labeled as "Unknown" in PE environment. After booting to Windows, the partition is shown correctly as NTFS. Is this normal? Regards, Ain

  • NM, the license took effect a day after I submitted this. -Laura Hi all, We recently renewed our GSS license. I applied the new license well in advance of the 2023 expiration date. It's now past the 2023 expiration date, but the new license, which ...